I'm using the computer! Didn't get to use it yesterday, hahaha.
Yesterday i slept for 13hours, woke up at 4 until Jaslin called me, LOL.
Had work at 5, so i bathed, rushed and went off to work.
I also didn't set alarm, didn't knew i was gonna sleep for so long :O
Work till 11, was still super busy due to the crowd.
So i worked till 12 instead, but Mdm Rose let me go off earlier to catch the bus.
Then i called daddy and he came to pick me up(I get to cheat a few mins of work!) :D
Came home super tired, watched tv, bathed, watched tv and slept!
And i've received letter from MOE regarding Bursary, hahaha! :D
Yeah man! Gonna go papa's workplace for dinner again later :D
Work and band tml :O what a busy day.