Student leader activity/band/plaza sing!

Okay, was quite pissed today in the morning.
Woke up, went school earlier to get the excuse letter from band for Mr Kang to sign.
He signed, and i carried on with the activity, thinking to give the letter later.
Just finishing the whacko game, sec2 band members were called out.
They say can't excused us from band, wtf?
I've already told Ms Rabiah last time and she said just write an excuse letter,
and get Mr Kang to acknowledged to sign it & i can be excused.
Now they say we can't be excused, and what's more.
They were just having sectionals all the way lah.. -'-
Roar, kns. Ah, so i just carried on w/ the sectionals,
teaching junior, Si Ting, to play the scale, yeah.
While i was coaching, evil bao and lina came to disturbed me!
They played with me hair and tickled my neck and ears! >:O
Making me unable to concentrate, and then.. we were slacking, lmao.
Had fun pulling lina's and bao's shoelaces and stuffs, haha :D
Went back to bandroom finally and just played abit of connections.
Fall-out and finally released from band!
Found out from Phyllis that we were to be interviewed next week :O
Boarded train w/ octopus, actually was heading home.
But i had the impulse to go Plaza Sing again, to ask for jobs missed out yesterday.
And more importantly, to find the Yoshinoya staff!!! :D:D:D:D
On the way, called YuYue to join us, waited for her at Dhoby Ghaut mrt.
Went Yoshinoya to take a look but sadly, the guy wasn't on shift today i guess D:
Settled @ Long John for lunch, and went to ask for jobs(:
Found one that accepted us and applied for it, hopefully it calls us!
Walked walked, find find, and came home :D