Wtf? Pissed off now.
Don't know how to check and print say lah.
Start printing, print out so many pieces.
One by one print out, one by one kana thrashed and thrown on the floor.
Please lah, wasting paper, killing trees, wasting ink, killing money and effort, then demanding to buy ink, blaming the printer for being lousy for not able to print 'alot'.
It's a home printer okay, not like some office printer.
Office got printer don't want print there say they anyhow, please hor.
Print out not up to satisfaction is fcuking because own self never check properly and started printing alot of it out lah, then anyhow blame printer, comp.(Saying printer programme stupid)
Now what. Finally gave up to the office printer cause you aren't able to print it saying it's too much huh.
'A bad workman always blames his tools', how true.
Only it adds up with owns stupidity and attitude, act dua lah.