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Presents presents!

Just came home from Shopnsave, Iecon, Fairprice!
And my $25 is just gone like that, one day's pay, haha.
Okay, so i bought too much things, saw things that maybe they would like and bought it.
I bought a box of chocolairs and a packets of fun size mars for everyone working today.
I bought 2 ferrero rocher that comes in 3, a box of 6 durian ice cream sticks
and a packet of durian sweets for JingWan and Huangli, haha(both of them like durian).
I bought another box of ferrero rocher that comes in 16 for the managers(to share, haha!)
That's all, i think i bought too much. Or too little, i don't know, feel weird D:
I hope when i get to work later, the icecream won't melt,
and i've got no idea how to finish the 6ice cream sticks inside, is it too much? :O
I don't know i don't know. I'm going crazy :O

Last day of work(!!!)

Lolzx, I totally forgotten about band practice today.
I did not go, i did not set alarm except at 12pm, i slept at 3+am.
Anyway, yesterday was my last 2nd day at work..
Was supposed to do from 5pm to 10pm only,
but i did till 1 to do cashier closing with JingWan(probably for the last timeT.T),
and because Mdm Rose wouldn't be coming to work today, so stayed longer(:
Btw, the med whipped potato totally turned sour, smelled like dead rats/human!
Damn disgusting, for the whole time i thought the smell came from the drain,
but when i opened to get the med wp and touched the gravy, i totally freaked out :O
Then later, JingWan opened it to reconfirm if it's the med wp that caused the smell,
haha, sure enough, it smelled damn bad, customers were even covering their nose xD
JingWan had to open one of them to take evidence!
Lol, it was later all thrown away, but there's still the faint smell.
We did the cashier closing, and when everything's done,
we went to the office, and Mdm Rose suggeste…

X'mas eve: durians!

Gosh, I'm super tired now. Worked today, yes, on Christmas eve.
Didn't work for quite a while since before the sleepover at Shuting's house.
Worked today for 8hours as cashier and now my legs are aching like nobody's business.
I've got no idea why it hurts so much, maybe it's due to standing around too much.
Was super busy, the crowd just keep coming in, with loads of demands.
I keep forgetting to give something, like the chicky toy or the serviettes and stuff, pfft.
At around 12am, my eyes were like closing and my legs were giving way.
Worked till 1am, rushed to go off with Huang Li who was waiting for me.
Who knows, she invited me to eat Durians at Geylang there, together with JingWan & Mdm.
Since we had to board the same taxi also, i went along(Dad said okay) :D
Reached Geylang lorang 21, ordered 2 durians in total and 2 coconut for each of us.
Huang Li's treat, haha thanks. After awhile, Mdm came with that sleepy eyes, haha.
Jingwan still didn't came, had s…

Home sweet home!

Whoooooooots! Finally home, all comfy and using the computer! (:
Today was the last day of sleepover and went to ahgong house after that!
Okay, so yesterday after Shuting and Shannen came back from tuition,
we went to SingPost's fairprice to buy ingredients for pizza as breakfast,
but was told that we couldn't make pizza due to some reason, :O
Bought kokokrunch, milk, tidbits and all instead.
Reached home, ate dinner. (Yet another night of steamboat, yes.)
Rested, we went down to the pool w/ our home clothes around 8pm xD
It was super cold when we first got down the water, we played around,
played catching the spongebob and stuff till 10pm, we came up.
Sat by the poolside eating kisses chocolate by Shannen, haha.
While it started drizzling, we went to the toilet's sauna to dry ourselves.
Chit chat, then we came out of the sauna, the pool's light had been turned off,
the security guard who was not there before was like patrolling and eye-ing us. :O
Went back house to bath, saw a big …


Hehe, now currently using Shuting's brother's computer at Shuting's house :D
Having sleepover at her house, 19 20 21!
Yesterday was damn fun, hahaha(Except the fact that i only caught 4 fish!-.-)
Shuting and Shannen are having tuition, YuYue is at her mother's shop :O
So i shall take my time to post now, HAHAHA.(Jaslin is looking at me typing!!)
Okay, so yesterday, Jaslin and I met up earlier to Singpost to buy some presents for Shuting.
Made our way to Shuting's house while it was raining w/ our fully-packed bags.
Shuting came down to fetch us, and we waited for YuYue to reach.
When we reached, steamboat prepared by Auntie was ready for us!
Was already full cause Shuting say to settle own lunch then I ate a prata :O
Still, managed to eat quite alot, hahaha.
After eating, we rested awhile, deciding on where to go next,
since our original plan for fishing was dropped as it was raining.
Shannen came. We thought of boarding the train, stopping at any shopping centre.
Haha, but YuYu…


Woah.. Just reached home, damn tired!
Woke up today at 1+pm, headache from sleeping so much :O
Kept reading the manga: Special A until i forgot about the time and work.
LOL, when i was like getting another cup of milk i suddenly thought of work.
And it was already like 3.05pm le! Chiong-ed bath and went off, haha.
Reached there on time and for 2 hours, i was slacking off..
Didn't had much to do cause Mdm ask me to wait for Azri to knock off at 6pm,
then i do drive-thru. Was at the supply base then Azri done most of the work :O
After he left, I did drive-thru, was quite okay, was super busy till 8+pm.
There's like 5car waiting while I was packing the order, and so much so that the next car can't place order as the queue is too long and the previous car is still stuck at the order place, haha.
When Mdm Rose found out there's so many cars waiting,
she left from the cashier and helped me out at drive-thru C:
Busied myself with drive-thru work until 10+pm,
i left drive-thru and went to …


Yo! Woke at 7.15am today, bathed and got ready.
Went to school to take the textbooks cause Jiejie wanted to came home bath then go work.
So went there super early(Papa fetch), then found out bookshop 9am then open..
So had to wait for 1 hour there(YES I WAS THE FIRST LOL), and finally got my textbooks! :D
And I so regret not ticking the 'Shoes' box, bata's checkers leh, alamak! *Gong*
Went to work at 4pm, did cashier today. It's. So. Scary!
Why does the customers have so much demand one :O.
Don't have the parts le means don't have lah, ma fan ah!
But some are very courteous, keep smiling to me(even when i make dumb mistakes! :P)
And today, was so guilty with myself, roar!
There's a guy who presented the $5 watson coupon, i never saw it before,
and i thought is can exchange for meal one, then is only discount till $5!
He bought another Med. Ice Lemon Tea($2.50) and the total should be $7.50.
He gave me a $10 note and i gave him back $7.50!
He also never say anything, look…

Kyou Koi Wa Hajimemasu

ROAR, I can't find KKWH Chapter 52!
Does anyone know where i can read it except BW? I don't have a account ):
But anyway I'm glad i got to read up till chapter 51!! *gringrin*
And I'm so glad I know chinese, no need to find anymore eng translation, haha!
Just realised it's 3.39am now.. Tired, but I'm still searching for KKWH chapter 52!
Today worked for 8 hours, was doing supply base for the whole day.
Damn tired today. I've already decided to come home, bath and just sleep when i stopped work.
But when i came home, papa say we're going to swee chun for supper (!)
I was like super full and tired lah, for lunch today i ate a fishzinger burger + fries(w/cheese)!
And Jing Wan was super good! :D She treated me a bottle of orange juice and a cup of krusher!
Then after going for supper, i sat on the sofa, resting, and was really so tired.
Wanted to bath and sleep but as my hair was wet, I've decided to use the computer.
And now I've on the computer, I can't h…

Band BBQ

Just got home from Band BBQ, one word: boredom.
Sigh.. Took an day off from work just for BBQ and it was so boring.
Met lina and bao earlier at 2+pm and got to ECP.
Rented cycles and cycle cycle, then bao pua dou! :O
Rushed to toilet to clean up bao's wounds, looks real bad...
Pour-ed water to cleanse, then bandaged with toilet paper and stuff, haha.
Then rushed back to the bicycle shop w/ lina to change 2 bikes to a double bike.
Cycled back to the toilet where bao was waiting, and bao and me took the double bike.
Continued cycling, was pretty tired cycling w/ the double bike, butt pain! xP
Stopped by at Bedok Jetty to view the scenery, it was nice(:
Hanged around till it was time to return bike and rushed back..
Was in time to return the bike, then the uncle also attended to bao's wounds.
Walked back to the pit and just stared around, helped out a little.
For the rest of the day, practically just stood around and sometimes take food to eat..
Super boring.. Then at 8+pm went to Mac w/ bao l…


Roar, my life routine is so messed up.
It's 2.54am now and for these few days i've been up till 3am,
and always waking only at 1+pm when i hear an alarm or somebody waking me.
Tomorrow, or rather later, going band bbq! :D
I feel like wearing the band tee.. But like nobody wearing ):
Gonna cycle before bbq with bao and lina, octopus and tuna not going..
Maybe gonna go bugis for a while before to buy something, hehheh :D
Anyway, during work today i was at drive-thru, i hate it lol.
I still can't remember the side orders and the prices very well.
My head gets practically shut off when i'm talking to the customer.
Means I can't take in another order when i'm talking.
And I have to keep asking Madam Kat for the order and i hate it ):
Bought krusher- kookies n' kream after work and came home.
Jiejie was having a fever, bathed, stared at her for quite a while.
Hope she gets well soon! What a noob body :D HAHAHA!
I'm still not tired.. But i guess I'm gonna off com & s…


Shietz. Woke up at 1+pm today when mama woke me.
Bathed and now eating, i still haven't memorise finish!
1. WOW! Meals $3.30(Include 1reg WP, 1reg pepsi):
Shrooms Burger/O.R Fillet Burger
2. Daily Savers Meal(Include 1reg WP, 1 reg pepsi, 1 reg CL):
DS1- 2pcs Chicken Meal $6.40
DS2- 3pcs Chicken Meal $8.40
Ds3- Zinger Meal $6.20
DS4- Fish Zinger Meal $6.50
Ds5- Cheesy BBQ Meltz Meal $6.20
DS6- Bandito Pockett Meal $6.20
3. Snackers $2.90(Can add on pepsi for $1):
S1- 4pcs of Fish sizzlers snackers
S2- Popcorn snackers
S3- 1pc chicken snackers
4. Family Feast Meal $25.90(Can buy 4 drinks @ $4.80):
8pcs Chicken
2 med WP
1 med CL
6pieces Fish sizzlers
1 red popcorn chicken
5. Bargain Deal $15.90:
6pcs Chicken
2 med WP
1 med CL
6. Student Specials! $4.50:
Fish Zinger
7. Ultimate Value Box $5.50:
1pc chicken
Shrooms burger/O.R fillet burger
1reg WP
1reg pepsi
8. Oriental Chicken Salad Meal $6.50:
Garden salad/chicken salad
7-Up Revive
And.. I don't remember le, shitz.
Still got mega meal, chicky mea…

1st day of Drive-Thru

Damned. Did drive-thru today!
It was damn scary okay! I don't know why but it's just scary :O
It's like, got people then take order, then i was with Jing Wan again!
I was supposed to key in the orders and give it to the customers and stuff,
cause i don't wanna pack the food, scared later i too slow, customers gone :O
While i was packing/keying in order/collecting money or what,
when another customers come and order, it doesn't go in my head at all.
And i have to keep asking Jing Wan for the next order and stuff o_o
Also, there's a customers who gave me a $50 and never take his change!
It made Jing Wan rushed and chase after the car to return the money.
Feeling so guilty, and also I'm still not sure of all the menu and stuff T.T
And and, I've forgotten to bring home my notebook containing the menu!
Damned.......... I also left my pen there, how great ._.
Did till 11pm today instead of 9pm, and i thought today was just training, weird :O
Tomorrow 4-11pm doing cs again.…

Closing- free supper :D

Woah man, tired! Just bathed and returned from work (:
Today was supposed to work from 5-12, doing closing.
But closing lasted till about 12.40+am then took taxi home.
With Jing Wan, Zhao Fei and Huang Li.
And unexpectedly, Huang Li and I actually lives at the same block!
LOL, didn't saw her before anywhere around here :O
Did burger station today.. Was at the supply base with her.
She started training on Meltz and Pocket today, was supposed to let her do it.
But halfway through i was like so pissed off because of her attitude.. :X
Like she busy, i not busy meh? Hello, i've got more things to take care of okay.
Continued working and slowly.. Simmered down and we chatted.
Haha, then while closing, Jing Wan taught us how to clean everything(Very hygienic!)
I also found out that Huang Li is actually a mother of a 13-year-old son and is 38!
Seriously cannot tell siah, i thought she was like some 20+ woman o-o
Having sorethroat now, difficulty swallowing water/food/saliva, damn pain!
So i brought …

Working :D

Just got home from work and bath! Today was fun at work, hahaha!
Although i scalded my 3fingers and abit of right hand ._.
Stupid lah, i was at the supply base, burger station today,
then another staff (also at supply base) was supplying black pepper chicken mah.
Then she forget to take out the tray inside first and was already carrying a full tray.
It's damn heavy then she was like asking me to help cause she's gonna drop the tray any minute.
Then i kan chiong, and. Just used a cloth to hold the side, and used my bare hand, 3 fingers to support the tray out, and for just a few secs it's like scald!
Put my fingers under running water, then continued working.
Still had to put my injured hand into the glove, so pain.
It's like burning luhs, and the staff never say sorry one, still ask me put ice ):
If put ice, the ice will stick to the skin and will tear away the skin, making it more worse.. :O
Now, my fourth finger got a white white big bubble le, dead skin!
Blister on hand with bu…

Hayao Miyazaki

I feel like watching Spirited Away all of a sudden again, it's just too enchanting.
I'm gonna watch all films produced by Hayao Miyazaki (:

1. Laputa: Castle in the Sky
2. My Neighbor Totoro
3. Kiki's Delivery Service
4. Porco Rosso
5. Princess Mononoke
6. Spirited Away
7. Howl's Moving Castle
8. Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind
9. Shuna no tabi(Journey of Shuna)
10. Gake no ue no Ponyo(Ponyo on a cliff)


Hey, didn't work yesterday, had band in the morning.
Band, we had sectional, full band and instrument maintenance, practically polishing.
After band, Jaslin and me boarded bus to paya lebar, met up with Gigi.
Boarded bus to Marine Parade library to do some CIP :O
Was playing with the cutter, and changing the age limit of the brochure, fun!
Haha, at around 4+ was waiting for the librarian to stop talking on the phone,
and asked if we could leave as we were meeting Shannen & Yu Yue for bball at 4pm.
Left and rushed to Aljunied again, went to buy drink first,
but my bottle broke, the floor got wet and i had to drink from the bottom :O
Went to find them, was raining, and saw Shannen playing in the rain,
and Yu Yue standing at the side taking pictures, haha.
Soon, it rained heavily and we went to slack around.
Chatted chatted and the rain finally subsided, we went to play :D
Played 2v2, i feel like i didn't run much.. And now I'm getting fatter!!
Played till around 8, Shannen have to go …

Skipbeat! chapter 149

Just read Skipbeat! chapter 149, HAHAHAHA!
Tsuruga Ren kissed Kyoko's cheek and made her go crazy!
Can't wait for the next chapter(:
For chapter 149, go to:
Work later at 4pm, here i come burgers! :D

2008's photos

I'm so bored now. Just digged up 2008's photos, till September.
I've got alot of pictures now, wondering if i should post on fb :O
No new chapts of manga or episodes of anime released today, roar..
Feel like sleeping again but I'm afraid i won't wake up in time for work later ._.