Roar, my life routine is so messed up.
It's 2.54am now and for these few days i've been up till 3am,
and always waking only at 1+pm when i hear an alarm or somebody waking me.
Tomorrow, or rather later, going band bbq! :D
I feel like wearing the band tee.. But like nobody wearing ):
Gonna cycle before bbq with bao and lina, octopus and tuna not going..
Maybe gonna go bugis for a while before to buy something, hehheh :D
Anyway, during work today i was at drive-thru, i hate it lol.
I still can't remember the side orders and the prices very well.
My head gets practically shut off when i'm talking to the customer.
Means I can't take in another order when i'm talking.
And I have to keep asking Madam Kat for the order and i hate it ):
Bought krusher- kookies n' kream after work and came home.
Jiejie was having a fever, bathed, stared at her for quite a while.
Hope she gets well soon! What a noob body :D HAHAHA!
I'm still not tired.. But i guess I'm gonna off com & sleep so i can wake up later!

Since it's past 12am, Happy 1st year Anniversary to Mama Pamela and Papa Weilun!
Hope you two will last looooooooooooong, real long!