Band BBQ

Just got home from Band BBQ, one word: boredom.
Sigh.. Took an day off from work just for BBQ and it was so boring.
Met lina and bao earlier at 2+pm and got to ECP.
Rented cycles and cycle cycle, then bao pua dou! :O
Rushed to toilet to clean up bao's wounds, looks real bad...
Pour-ed water to cleanse, then bandaged with toilet paper and stuff, haha.
Then rushed back to the bicycle shop w/ lina to change 2 bikes to a double bike.
Cycled back to the toilet where bao was waiting, and bao and me took the double bike.
Continued cycling, was pretty tired cycling w/ the double bike, butt pain! xP
Stopped by at Bedok Jetty to view the scenery, it was nice(:
Hanged around till it was time to return bike and rushed back..
Was in time to return the bike, then the uncle also attended to bao's wounds.
Walked back to the pit and just stared around, helped out a little.
For the rest of the day, practically just stood around and sometimes take food to eat..
Super boring.. Then at 8+pm went to Mac w/ bao lina pamela.
Spent a long time there, then bao & lina went home.
Then me and pamela walked back to the pit, haha.
Gave my congratulations card and came home, alone.
Happy 1st year anniversary, last long man :D
Yeah.. That's how i spent my off day, wow, what a great day.