Yo! Woke at 7.15am today, bathed and got ready.
Went to school to take the textbooks cause Jiejie wanted to came home bath then go work.
So went there super early(Papa fetch), then found out bookshop 9am then open..
So had to wait for 1 hour there(YES I WAS THE FIRST LOL), and finally got my textbooks! :D
And I so regret not ticking the 'Shoes' box, bata's checkers leh, alamak! *Gong*
Went to work at 4pm, did cashier today. It's. So. Scary!
Why does the customers have so much demand one :O.
Don't have the parts le means don't have lah, ma fan ah!
But some are very courteous, keep smiling to me(even when i make dumb mistakes! :P)
And today, was so guilty with myself, roar!
There's a guy who presented the $5 watson coupon, i never saw it before,
and i thought is can exchange for meal one, then is only discount till $5!
He bought another Med. Ice Lemon Tea($2.50) and the total should be $7.50.
He gave me a $10 note and i gave him back $7.50!
He also never say anything, look at the money, take things and go le!
Wahlaoh! This kind of people. So dishonest! Eliminate them!):
So total after counting the money, was short of $5..
And Mdm Rose just said next time don't do it again! Yay! :D
Haha. Then at 10pm i was like counting the counter's money.
Uncle Sahalam and a chinese staff(14-year-old) was like waiting for me.
Lol :P. Was so paiseh cause i count very slow :X
Walked to bus stop together and Uncle Sahalam waited for bus 158 to come,
while the chinese staff accompanied me to take bus 31 home haha.
Saw Kimberly on the bus, found out that she's working at actioncity, haha.
Then came home! Tml working till closing..! :O:O