Woah.. Just reached home, damn tired!
Woke up today at 1+pm, headache from sleeping so much :O
Kept reading the manga: Special A until i forgot about the time and work.
LOL, when i was like getting another cup of milk i suddenly thought of work.
And it was already like 3.05pm le! Chiong-ed bath and went off, haha.
Reached there on time and for 2 hours, i was slacking off..
Didn't had much to do cause Mdm ask me to wait for Azri to knock off at 6pm,
then i do drive-thru. Was at the supply base then Azri done most of the work :O
After he left, I did drive-thru, was quite okay, was super busy till 8+pm.
There's like 5car waiting while I was packing the order, and so much so that the next car can't place order as the queue is too long and the previous car is still stuck at the order place, haha.
When Mdm Rose found out there's so many cars waiting,
she left from the cashier and helped me out at drive-thru C:
Busied myself with drive-thru work until 10+pm,
i left drive-thru and went to cashier to cover for Auntie Hwa who went to wash things.
I seriously don't like being cashier, it's like my mind will somehow go blank there,
where i don't while i was doing drive-thru ):
Worked worked worked until 11pm and it was time for closing! :D
Jing Wan came and taught me how to do cashier closing,
cleaned and finally stopped work at 12am.
Came home on taxi w/ Uncle Sahalan and Matthew.
My legs are aching so much now from the drive-thru, need run here run there :O
Bah, gonna bath soon, super tired. Tomorrow doing cscl too!