1st day of Drive-Thru

Damned. Did drive-thru today!
It was damn scary okay! I don't know why but it's just scary :O
It's like, got people then take order, then i was with Jing Wan again!
I was supposed to key in the orders and give it to the customers and stuff,
cause i don't wanna pack the food, scared later i too slow, customers gone :O
While i was packing/keying in order/collecting money or what,
when another customers come and order, it doesn't go in my head at all.
And i have to keep asking Jing Wan for the next order and stuff o_o
Also, there's a customers who gave me a $50 and never take his change!
It made Jing Wan rushed and chase after the car to return the money.
Feeling so guilty, and also I'm still not sure of all the menu and stuff T.T
And and, I've forgotten to bring home my notebook containing the menu!
Damned.......... I also left my pen there, how great ._.
Did till 11pm today instead of 9pm, and i thought today was just training, weird :O
Tomorrow 4-11pm doing cs again.. Omg, what am I to do with the menu..
Urgh!! Looking through the kfc website, hope i can make it tml ._.