Home sweet home!

Whoooooooots! Finally home, all comfy and using the computer! (:
Today was the last day of sleepover and went to ahgong house after that!
Okay, so yesterday after Shuting and Shannen came back from tuition,
we went to SingPost's fairprice to buy ingredients for pizza as breakfast,
but was told that we couldn't make pizza due to some reason, :O
Bought kokokrunch, milk, tidbits and all instead.
Reached home, ate dinner. (Yet another night of steamboat, yes.)
Rested, we went down to the pool w/ our home clothes around 8pm xD
It was super cold when we first got down the water, we played around,
played catching the spongebob and stuff till 10pm, we came up.
Sat by the poolside eating kisses chocolate by Shannen, haha.
While it started drizzling, we went to the toilet's sauna to dry ourselves.
Chit chat, then we came out of the sauna, the pool's light had been turned off,
the security guard who was not there before was like patrolling and eye-ing us. :O
Went back house to bath, saw a big big cockroach, screamed and, bathed.
Shannen came to join us after bathing at her house and we were like,
stucked there discussing what to do for the night as we had some problems with the bikes..
At last we didn't go midnight cycling(!), spent the night sitting around shuting's block,
playing cards, playing truth or truth, eating tidbits, again.
I don't like the truth or truth, such an evil game! T.T
Played till 3+am, we went up cause was uncomfortable sitting there,
wanted to watch the disc, '4bia' brought by YuYue but at last didn't..
As all of us were sleepy, we went to sleep at 5am, after setting alarm at 9am.
At 9am, i was woken by the alarm, i just shouted out that it was 9am,
and i went back to sleep. I thought i did set an alarm at 9.15am, but i didn't hear it.
Lol, was only awoken when Xiner called to say she reached 108 ._.
Woke up, woke others, freshened up, called Shannen, Shannen came, went to fetch Xiner to
shuting's house and we ate our brunch(Splendous breakfast by Shuting's dad!) :D
After that, and a whole lot of discussion, we went to bugis wanting to catch a movie.
However, we didn't watch any, just played arcade..
Did'nt take any neoprints also even though all of us were present..
Walked around BHG, and bugis. Went off at 5+pm on bus 80 w/ Shuting Jaslin YuYue.
Alighted at Kallang Station and I boarded bus 51 to ahgong jia!
Was super tired on the way, only managed to nap for a few mins before i kept on a watch out.
Reached, ate dinner(No more steamboat, haha!), made tangyuan, ate cake & home!(:
Gotta wake up at 8am tml, i hope i can wake!

P.s: I forgotten to bring home my towel and small pillow!