Working :D

Just got home from work and bath! Today was fun at work, hahaha!
Although i scalded my 3fingers and abit of right hand ._.
Stupid lah, i was at the supply base, burger station today,
then another staff (also at supply base) was supplying black pepper chicken mah.
Then she forget to take out the tray inside first and was already carrying a full tray.
It's damn heavy then she was like asking me to help cause she's gonna drop the tray any minute.
Then i kan chiong, and. Just used a cloth to hold the side, and used my bare hand, 3 fingers to support the tray out, and for just a few secs it's like scald!
Put my fingers under running water, then continued working.
Still had to put my injured hand into the glove, so pain.
It's like burning luhs, and the staff never say sorry one, still ask me put ice ):
If put ice, the ice will stick to the skin and will tear away the skin, making it more worse.. :O
Now, my fourth finger got a white white big bubble le, dead skin!
Blister on hand with burning sensation, wow.
Then after that, just continued working at the burger station.
It was so fun, haha! No more carrying of heavy baskets, making my wrist pain (:
At 9pm, she left and another staff, Jing Wan came to supply base also.
When she's not taking drive thru order she would help out, hehheh .
Competed making the popcorn chicken box and i lost, terribly ._.
Did an extra hour today, did till 12 midnight.
My sister waited for me from 9 to 11 but went home w/ dad when i told her i doing OT, sorry :(
Taxi-ed home with Madam Jean & Jing Wan as we're all doing till 12midnight.
Haha, so cool eh :D Next week working 5 days a week, still don't know the working schedule..
But there's Band BBQ on 10th dec! It's also papa mama's 1st year (:
Wonder what present i should buy?(Any suggestions?)
I still owe alot people (belated) b'day presents! And still got next year jan's babies presents!
Money money, when will my salary come in~ :O

Just feel like posting some recent pictures(:

Epic eh :D (My shoe!)

Naked x'mas tree :D

*Trying to capture the wave-like rain*


Yu Yue!

Full attire, weird :O

Kana scald, the fourth finger):

Got scald by the super hot metal thing):

Scald by the boiling lid(Look like some emo kid cutting hand, HAHAHA)

Watching 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky' currently!(: