Kyou Koi Wa Hajimemasu

ROAR, I can't find KKWH Chapter 52!
Does anyone know where i can read it except BW? I don't have a account ):
But anyway I'm glad i got to read up till chapter 51!! *gringrin*
And I'm so glad I know chinese, no need to find anymore eng translation, haha!
Just realised it's 3.39am now.. Tired, but I'm still searching for KKWH chapter 52!
Today worked for 8 hours, was doing supply base for the whole day.
Damn tired today. I've already decided to come home, bath and just sleep when i stopped work.
But when i came home, papa say we're going to swee chun for supper (!)
I was like super full and tired lah, for lunch today i ate a fishzinger burger + fries(w/cheese)!
And Jing Wan was super good! :D She treated me a bottle of orange juice and a cup of krusher!
Then after going for supper, i sat on the sofa, resting, and was really so tired.
Wanted to bath and sleep but as my hair was wet, I've decided to use the computer.
And now I've on the computer, I can't help but read manga and search for new chapters!
I also saw on internet that KKWH chapter 53 come out le, but i still can't find it ):
Aww man, so anticipating! :O I'm just gonna search for a bit more!
Haha, hope i will wake up tml in time, going library to do homework at 12pm.
Wow, now i can't even wake up on time at 11.30pm, i keep pressing snooze :D
Hopefully i will, tomorrow, wake up at 11pm! HAHA.