Last day of work(!!!)

Lolzx, I totally forgotten about band practice today.
I did not go, i did not set alarm except at 12pm, i slept at 3+am.
Anyway, yesterday was my last 2nd day at work..
Was supposed to do from 5pm to 10pm only,
but i did till 1 to do cashier closing with JingWan(probably for the last timeT.T),
and because Mdm Rose wouldn't be coming to work today, so stayed longer(:
Btw, the med whipped potato totally turned sour, smelled like dead rats/human!
Damn disgusting, for the whole time i thought the smell came from the drain,
but when i opened to get the med wp and touched the gravy, i totally freaked out :O
Then later, JingWan opened it to reconfirm if it's the med wp that caused the smell,
haha, sure enough, it smelled damn bad, customers were even covering their nose xD
JingWan had to open one of them to take evidence!
Lol, it was later all thrown away, but there's still the faint smell.
We did the cashier closing, and when everything's done,
we went to the office, and Mdm Rose suggested taking pictures all together!
JingWan, Huangli, Mdm Rose and me took pictures taken by Yusof, haha!
Yeah, then talked to Mdm Rose for awhile, and finally left..
Took taxi w/ Huangli and JingWan caused we all ended work at the same time,
JingWan suggested going to eat timsum at geylang lor 6.
Wanted Huangli to go but she had some personal matters so she didn't :O
JingWan ordered the food and i just ate, haha.
We chatted from 1+am to 2.30am, and came home by taxi, thanks!
Came home exhausted, bathed, and went to bed!
And that's how i totally forgotten that there's band today! :O
And and, today's my last day of work! T.T
Working at 5pm, ending at 12am..!

I look weird huh.. :O JingWan's eyes, hahaha! xD

Me, JingWan, Huangli, Mdm Rose! :D

Mdm Rose and me!!! (:

JingWan ordering the food(: haha