Presents presents!

Just came home from Shopnsave, Iecon, Fairprice!
And my $25 is just gone like that, one day's pay, haha.
Okay, so i bought too much things, saw things that maybe they would like and bought it.
I bought a box of chocolairs and a packets of fun size mars for everyone working today.
I bought 2 ferrero rocher that comes in 3, a box of 6 durian ice cream sticks
and a packet of durian sweets for JingWan and Huangli, haha(both of them like durian).
I bought another box of ferrero rocher that comes in 16 for the managers(to share, haha!)
That's all, i think i bought too much. Or too little, i don't know, feel weird D:
I hope when i get to work later, the icecream won't melt,
and i've got no idea how to finish the 6ice cream sticks inside, is it too much? :O
I don't know i don't know. I'm going crazy :O