Hey, didn't work yesterday, had band in the morning.
Band, we had sectional, full band and instrument maintenance, practically polishing.
After band, Jaslin and me boarded bus to paya lebar, met up with Gigi.
Boarded bus to Marine Parade library to do some CIP :O
Was playing with the cutter, and changing the age limit of the brochure, fun!
Haha, at around 4+ was waiting for the librarian to stop talking on the phone,
and asked if we could leave as we were meeting Shannen & Yu Yue for bball at 4pm.
Left and rushed to Aljunied again, went to buy drink first,
but my bottle broke, the floor got wet and i had to drink from the bottom :O
Went to find them, was raining, and saw Shannen playing in the rain,
and Yu Yue standing at the side taking pictures, haha.
Soon, it rained heavily and we went to slack around.
Chatted chatted and the rain finally subsided, we went to play :D
Played 2v2, i feel like i didn't run much.. And now I'm getting fatter!!
Played till around 8, Shannen have to go home le.
Accompanied them to buy things, saw Mr. Samuel with Alvin & Ryan at the hawker centre.
Quite shocked, didn't expect to see them there together at all.
Chatted awhile and continued looking for Shannen's fish ball noodles :O
Couldn't find any, Shannen didn't buy and we went home!
It's a Saturday! Working later at 5pm, boooooored ._.