Shietz. Woke up at 1+pm today when mama woke me.
Bathed and now eating, i still haven't memorise finish!
1. WOW! Meals $3.30(Include 1reg WP, 1reg pepsi):
Shrooms Burger/O.R Fillet Burger
2. Daily Savers Meal(Include 1reg WP, 1 reg pepsi, 1 reg CL):
DS1- 2pcs Chicken Meal $6.40
DS2- 3pcs Chicken Meal $8.40
Ds3- Zinger Meal $6.20
DS4- Fish Zinger Meal $6.50
Ds5- Cheesy BBQ Meltz Meal $6.20
DS6- Bandito Pockett Meal $6.20
3. Snackers $2.90(Can add on pepsi for $1):
S1- 4pcs of Fish sizzlers snackers
S2- Popcorn snackers
S3- 1pc chicken snackers
4. Family Feast Meal $25.90(Can buy 4 drinks @ $4.80):
8pcs Chicken
2 med WP
1 med CL
6pieces Fish sizzlers
1 red popcorn chicken
5. Bargain Deal $15.90:
6pcs Chicken
2 med WP
1 med CL
6. Student Specials! $4.50:
Fish Zinger
7. Ultimate Value Box $5.50:
1pc chicken
Shrooms burger/O.R fillet burger
1reg WP
1reg pepsi
8. Oriental Chicken Salad Meal $6.50:
Garden salad/chicken salad
7-Up Revive
And.. I don't remember le, shitz.
Still got mega meal, chicky meal & ala carte items, ROAR!