Hehe, now currently using Shuting's brother's computer at Shuting's house :D
Having sleepover at her house, 19 20 21!
Yesterday was damn fun, hahaha(Except the fact that i only caught 4 fish!-.-)
Shuting and Shannen are having tuition, YuYue is at her mother's shop :O
So i shall take my time to post now, HAHAHA.(Jaslin is looking at me typing!!)
Okay, so yesterday, Jaslin and I met up earlier to Singpost to buy some presents for Shuting.
Made our way to Shuting's house while it was raining w/ our fully-packed bags.
Shuting came down to fetch us, and we waited for YuYue to reach.
When we reached, steamboat prepared by Auntie was ready for us!
Was already full cause Shuting say to settle own lunch then I ate a prata :O
Still, managed to eat quite alot, hahaha.
After eating, we rested awhile, deciding on where to go next,
since our original plan for fishing was dropped as it was raining.
Shannen came. We thought of boarding the train, stopping at any shopping centre.
Haha, but YuYue strongly opposed, also don't want give suggestions :O
By the time we came to a conclusion, the rain stopped and we all went for fishing!
Shannen went home, guess she wasn't interested in fishing :O
Train-ed to Pasir Ris Mrt and boarded taxi to farmway1.
Roar that taxi driver. He took us to farmway2, farmway3 and wasted alot of the time!
Cheater bug! Pretending to be friendly ah, charge us for $7 in total.
Finally reached farmway1 at 5.10pm and we paid for half an hour to fish.
Fish fish fish, then overall, Shuting caught alot of big big fish,
YuYue and Jaslin caught a lot of fish also. And, I.. Caught only 4 pathethic fish T.T
Got our fish to be put in plastic bags, ready to go.
After our toilet break, we went to explore and we chanced upon a tank.
With those kind of big big fish, took alot pictures, hahaha.
Afterthat, we went back to the main road, boarded bus back to Interchange.
Went to Whitesands' Comic Connections to search for Spirited Away pokercards,
but also cannot find! Last time at a Comic Connections i saw it, cannot find le :O
Train-ed back to Paya Lebar Mrt and released the fish into Shuting's fish tank.
And again, it was steamboat! Haha, rested awhile after eating,
was getting ready to go play midnight bball at 108,
then Shuting's dad asked if we wanted to go to take the bikes first.
Went, and.. Cycled back from there to 108 w/ Shuting, so dangerous!
Past by alot of places(: was quite scary, but it was so adventurous, haha.
Reached, YuYue Shannen Jaslin already reached.
Cycled around, and started playing bball. G-force! HAHAHA.
Had fun playing, rested, then while we were getting up to go Mac,
suddenly heard and saw 2 cats fighting, running damn fast!
Then we sat outside Mac to look after the bikes, Shannen bought her dinner -.-
And something really creepy happened! All because of 2nd biao jie!!
Anyway, we didn't took any shortcuts home and used the main road :D
Reached home, took turns to bath and met up w/ Shannen at poolside, around 2.30am.
We sat by the poolside, ate chips, drank coke, prank call others, hahaha.
Then, we played 'Cheat', had fun playing it, hahaha.
Played till it was drizzling, and we went back to Shuting's house,
Shannen went home. Laid our bed and stuff, played cheat and daidee on bed.
Was so sleepy, played till 5am and, it was lights off!
Was gonna fell asleep then suddenly Shuting asked if want to play games on her Ipod.
Haha, played a game, couldn't sleep for awhile cause the screen was so bright ._.
Woke up in the middle of the night to wear jacket, was too cold -.-
Then finally woke up this morning at 10+am to wake YuYue up.
After awhile of packing, YuYue went off, home.
Realised Shuting was sleeping on her parents' bed, didn't go to church, LOL.
Brushed teeth, watched tv while lying in her parents' bed and got up.
And for brunch today, it was steamboat again! Leftovers from yesterday, lol!
Shuting left for tuition, and here I am blogging. HAHAHA. BYE! :D
(I didn't realised i posted so long, hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!)