Closing- free supper :D

Woah man, tired! Just bathed and returned from work (:
Today was supposed to work from 5-12, doing closing.
But closing lasted till about 12.40+am then took taxi home.
With Jing Wan, Zhao Fei and Huang Li.
And unexpectedly, Huang Li and I actually lives at the same block!
LOL, didn't saw her before anywhere around here :O
Did burger station today.. Was at the supply base with her.
She started training on Meltz and Pocket today, was supposed to let her do it.
But halfway through i was like so pissed off because of her attitude.. :X
Like she busy, i not busy meh? Hello, i've got more things to take care of okay.
Continued working and slowly.. Simmered down and we chatted.
Haha, then while closing, Jing Wan taught us how to clean everything(Very hygienic!)
I also found out that Huang Li is actually a mother of a 13-year-old son and is 38!
Seriously cannot tell siah, i thought she was like some 20+ woman o-o
Having sorethroat now, difficulty swallowing water/food/saliva, damn pain!
So i brought my own dinner cooked by Mummy today there to eat, haha.
Wanted to ask if i can dabao my 2pc of chicken to bring home for family to eat,
then Jing Wan packed some of the leftover Black Pepper chicken & Popcorn chicken for me!
HAHAHA, she's damn nice, she even always offer me the blueberry sweet :D
Yeah, then one of the staff also came back from his rest, he did drive-thru today.
And I'm gonna have a 4hour training tml, doing drive-thru!
Omg siah, I'm scared to take orders and serve customers one ._.