X'mas eve: durians!

Gosh, I'm super tired now. Worked today, yes, on Christmas eve.
Didn't work for quite a while since before the sleepover at Shuting's house.
Worked today for 8hours as cashier and now my legs are aching like nobody's business.
I've got no idea why it hurts so much, maybe it's due to standing around too much.
Was super busy, the crowd just keep coming in, with loads of demands.
I keep forgetting to give something, like the chicky toy or the serviettes and stuff, pfft.
At around 12am, my eyes were like closing and my legs were giving way.
Worked till 1am, rushed to go off with Huang Li who was waiting for me.
Who knows, she invited me to eat Durians at Geylang there, together with JingWan & Mdm.
Since we had to board the same taxi also, i went along(Dad said okay) :D
Reached Geylang lorang 21, ordered 2 durians in total and 2 coconut for each of us.
Huang Li's treat, haha thanks. After awhile, Mdm came with that sleepy eyes, haha.
Jingwan still didn't came, had some miscommunication,
she thought we would turned around to stop at lor 6 to pick her up,
but Huang Li didn't heard it and Jingwan waited there, and she didn't know how to walk there..
After awhile, Mdm called her and Jingwan also say she don't know where she was, and at last,
Huang Li had to go as she had date with her friends to go karaoke..
Jingwan boarded taxi & went home, and the remaining durians, coconut Mdm brought it home.
Then Huang Li boarded taxi to meet up with her friends,
Mdm sent me home by taxi and tadah, that's how i spent my X'mas eve!
Bathed, com-ing. Super tired now, going straight to sleep after hair is dried!
Merry Christmas to everyone, have a blessed day, happy birthday Jesus(:
Gonna spend my xmas tomorrow working..? :O Sienzxzxz!