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I met a creepy girl

Okay, this is waaaaaaaay scary.
This morning was awoken by my alarm @ 6.05, then i heard some plastic sound outside window,
seeing that JieJie hasn't returned, i thought she had forgotten to bring her keys.
Yet when i opened, i saw a short hair school girl handing out a plastic to me,
she say,"Yesterday took it wrongly(Direct translation from chinese)",
having half-awake, i just opened the door, took the plastic bag and closed the door.
Came home, found out it was my brother's pants left at the altering pants place (don'tknow where).
And, I'm now stuck thinking who was she and how did she know where we lived?!
Lol, stalker?! Brother says it's ghoooooooooooooost(?).
Creepy :O, haven't been updating often, i'm lazy and homeworks are piling up.
Still got mountains of homeworks to complete and new year clothes to think about.
Just came to post about this, haha, band is playing 'tong hua'!

Ill-mannered bastards

Got smacked by a soccer ball while passing by ISH today, right in the face.
I wasn't mad. What i was pissed off was that the people who played,
took the soccer ball, and continued playing as if nothing happened.
Hello, the soccer ball you just kicked hit my face,
I could have broken my neck due to the huge impact okay,
and not even a sorry from all of them, wtf is this?
Atleast apologise right, damn it. Had to get them to apologise then, they did.
What is the world becoming? All full of selfish ill-manneredbastards.

Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Belated Birthday to Pamela on the 15th,
Happy Belated Birthday to Shu Ting on the 17th,
and, Happy Birthday to Phyllis Koh Zhi Jia!! :D:D

Haha, went over to Xin Er's house on Sunday to bake the cake together w/ Gigi C:
It didn't turn out well, the cake was soggy, and the chocolate i heated made it horrendous..
Whoops. Placed the cake at Zoe's house, she went home to take it after school ytd, thanks!
Somehow managed to get everyone together at the canteen and yeah, celebrated.
Well, the cake was.. HAHA. It was being chopped up into so many many pieces.
Stayed awhile, chatted, and then it was left w/ Jaslin Shuting Pamela YuYue and me.
We played catching around the classroom block level 1 & 2, it was fun!! xP
Rested, we played pepsi-cola like how we used to play in primary school C:
After we played, mama called to ask if i wanted to go Bugis w/ her to shop.
I went along, cause she was going alone, so i just tagged along.
Was left alone to eat my packet of cai fan in the midst o…

Bad week

Lessons officially began this week and i was busy w/ schoolwork the whole week.
Getting really bankrupt because of all the January babies, bye to my money :C
Had CCA fair on Saturday, wasn't really nervous except for the cameras..
Went to eat lunch w/ Phyllis afterwards and went home.
Shopping w/ Jiejie at Toapayoh and bought 3 tee shirts.
Today, did DIEC in the morning, went out in the afternoon.
How can someone be so fcuking guai lan? Ah, I'm so weird.
Still hadn't do finish my maths.. Hope she doesn't collect it tomorrow.

Sec3 adventure camp 6-8Jan

Haha, just had a long nice sleep, a long clean bath and now eating dinner (:
Sec3 camp @ Changi coast was kinda boring, faith 3-2 didn't have much of enthu people..
Day 1:
We bunked into dorm a for girls, got into group 3 w/ instructor Edward, was expecting instructors to be more high since they are supposed to lead us and all of us were so dead, but.. They just continued, :O. We did teambuilding, general stations and rock climbing.
Wasn't really fun, managed to reach the top for rock climbing :D
Shower was terrible, but still managed to shower.
Sleeping was okok except it was quite humid and hot that night.
Day 2:
Woke up, heard stories from YuYue&Shannen about what i did the previous night, LOL.
Haha, it wasn't me! I wouldn't do that xD Okay i don't know if i really did that.
After our breakfast it was raining, we had to wait around for the rain to stop and stuff.
Didn't do abseiling, didn't do zipling(didn't want to…



Starting of a sec3 life.

Oh my god. Can't believe that school's really starting tomorrow!
I've like just got into the holiday mood where i got to rest from work!
And from tomorrow onwards, I'm gonna be secondary 3........! Omg ._.
Unpicked one of my uniform's school logo, wearing the badge tml.. :O
Hope this year, will be a great year, w/ great teachers and friends!

My hair looks weird! I just cut short my hair, when i tie my hair it's real short!
Roar. My hair, my fringe. D:


Hope you all would have a wonderful, spectaculous 2010 year(:
And I wanna thank everyone whom I had created wonderful memories in 2009, thanks!
Haha, okay i know I'm so late to wish everyone happy new year since it's 3pm.
But I've only just woken up and bathed, HAHAHA.
Yesterday marked the end of the life of 14, only to start the road to 15.
And i spent my last day of 14 yesterday at Simsville! :D
Had a countdown party, but the girls there were only Shuting Shannen Jaslin Jootein YuYue.
LOL, okay.. So Shuting Shannen Jaslin Jootein and me went to eat dinner outside.
The boys were coming at 11+pm and YuYue was coming after eating dinner w/ her parents.
We went to parkway to eat, went to Mcdonalds to eat.. :O
And found out that Jootein(zhu mama) had a daughter she just bore yesterday, LOL.
Haha, after eating, we went to Giants to buy the snacks and drinks.
Afterthat we went back to Simsville, YuYue came to join us.
Slacked around, and when 12am came, we ch…