Hope you all would have a wonderful, spectaculous 2010 year(:
And I wanna thank everyone whom I had created wonderful memories in 2009, thanks!
Haha, okay i know I'm so late to wish everyone happy new year since it's 3pm.
But I've only just woken up and bathed, HAHAHA.
Yesterday marked the end of the life of 14, only to start the road to 15.
And i spent my last day of 14 yesterday at Simsville! :D
Had a countdown party, but the girls there were only Shuting Shannen Jaslin Jootein YuYue.
LOL, okay.. So Shuting Shannen Jaslin Jootein and me went to eat dinner outside.
The boys were coming at 11+pm and YuYue was coming after eating dinner w/ her parents.
We went to parkway to eat, went to Mcdonalds to eat.. :O
And found out that Jootein(zhu mama) had a daughter she just bore yesterday, LOL.
Haha, after eating, we went to Giants to buy the snacks and drinks.
Afterthat we went back to Simsville, YuYue came to join us.
Slacked around, and when 12am came, we cheered, and drank JollyShandy all together (:
Haha, first drink of the year, then soon after, the boys came.
We girls played games, and the boys went to playground to play.
Zhu mama left early and then we went to the playground to play ice-and-water :O
Then the boys.. All jumped into the pool(It was around 3+am) w/ their home clothes on.
We went back poolside to slack, then suddenly saw security guard asking them to come up..
Then the security guard came, took down Shuting's name and chased us out.. -.-
At last we went to McDonalds to find the boys who were eating breakfast there,
we played another game on our own while waiting for time to pass, haha.
Around 5+, Shannen went home. We continued to sit for awhile, then YuYue went home.
The remaining 3 of us went to join the boys to play ice-and-water, again -.-
Was super tiring, 1 game could last for 30 mins, played till the sky brightened.
Came home around 8, bathed till xiang xiang then slept on my comfy bed! :D
Woke up at 3pm today to prepare for work, last day of work.
Yes, today is really my last day of work le.. T.T