Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Belated Birthday to Pamela on the 15th,
Happy Belated Birthday to Shu Ting on the 17th,
and, Happy Birthday to Phyllis Koh Zhi Jia!! :D:D

Haha, went over to Xin Er's house on Sunday to bake the cake together w/ Gigi C:
It didn't turn out well, the cake was soggy, and the chocolate i heated made it horrendous..
Whoops. Placed the cake at Zoe's house, she went home to take it after school ytd, thanks!
Somehow managed to get everyone together at the canteen and yeah, celebrated.
Well, the cake was.. HAHA. It was being chopped up into so many many pieces.
Stayed awhile, chatted, and then it was left w/ Jaslin Shuting Pamela YuYue and me.
We played catching around the classroom block level 1 & 2, it was fun!! xP
Rested, we played pepsi-cola like how we used to play in primary school C:
After we played, mama called to ask if i wanted to go Bugis w/ her to shop.
I went along, cause she was going alone, so i just tagged along.
Was left alone to eat my packet of cai fan in the midst of Bugis, and mama went to shop..
Didn't really had any mood to shop there, my bag was heavy, we kept walking, I was bored.
Reached 9.30pm, i seriously cannot tahan and pestered my mum to come home.
And finally, we did. :D Yay! Bathed, done homework and slept.
However, I.. Broke 2 instruments(1 beaker, 1 evaporating dish) during chem spa today!!! T.T
YAY YAY YAY! Spirited Away rocks man! \m/ Anyone have the poker cards? :D

Haha, today after school went to Astons at Singpost to eat, Pamela Shuting Phyllis' treat.
But we all still paid for our own C: Ordered New York Strips, wasn't really nice :O
Ate together w/ Pamela ShuTing Phyllis YuYue Shannen XinEr Jaslin!
Was like sharing our food here and there, Shuting and Pamela also bought sushi.
Ate ate, Phyllis wanted to go to Parkway to buy her bday cake from Swensens.
We all went separate ways, w/ Shannen and me going with Phyllis :D
Phyllis bought her cake, and we went home, i boarded bus 31!
Mama asked me if i wanted to go Toa Payoh today w/ her, i didn't go :X
It'll be too tiring, plus, i've got more homework to complete today!
Okay, I'm gonna test the Spirited Away disc now!!! :D

One hour is all it takes, at OCBC Bank.
One hour, for easy credit. (At OCBC Bank!)