I met a creepy girl

Okay, this is waaaaaaaay scary.
This morning was awoken by my alarm @ 6.05, then i heard some plastic sound outside window,
seeing that JieJie hasn't returned, i thought she had forgotten to bring her keys.
Yet when i opened, i saw a short hair school girl handing out a plastic to me,
she say,"Yesterday took it wrongly(Direct translation from chinese)",
having half-awake, i just opened the door, took the plastic bag and closed the door.
Came home, found out it was my brother's pants left at the altering pants place (don'tknow where).
And, I'm now stuck thinking who was she and how did she know where we lived?!
Lol, stalker?! Brother says it's ghoooooooooooooost(?).
Creepy :O, haven't been updating often, i'm lazy and homeworks are piling up.
Still got mountains of homeworks to complete and new year clothes to think about.
Just came to post about this, haha, band is playing 'tong hua'!