Sec3 adventure camp 6-8Jan

Haha, just had a long nice sleep, a long clean bath and now eating dinner (:
Sec3 camp @ Changi coast was kinda boring, faith 3-2 didn't have much of enthu people..
Day 1:
We bunked into dorm a for girls, got into group 3 w/ instructor Edward, was expecting instructors to be more high since they are supposed to lead us and all of us were so dead, but.. They just continued, :O. We did teambuilding, general stations and rock climbing.
Wasn't really fun, managed to reach the top for rock climbing :D
Shower was terrible, but still managed to shower.
Sleeping was okok except it was quite humid and hot that night.
Day 2:
Woke up, heard stories from YuYue&Shannen about what i did the previous night, LOL.
Haha, it wasn't me! I wouldn't do that xD Okay i don't know if i really did that.
After our breakfast it was raining, we had to wait around for the rain to stop and stuff.
Didn't do abseiling, didn't do zipling(didn't want to -o-).
Did only 1 high element- walking on a log w/ no support, i practically held unto the rope, didn't dare to let go of my both hands T.T disappointed w/ myself, lol!
Managed to do kayaking for the first time, but i slacked alot, hahaha.
Paired w/ renjue for the first time, he just told me what to do :D
When all our kayaks joined, the instructor asked renjue and zaihou to exchange places,
so for the later part of the time i was kayaking w/ zaihou.
I kana splashed alot of times, both of them kept attacking others and i ended up being the one getting splashed by the salty water since i was sitting infront ._.
And then at night there was the campfire, wasn't really enjoying myself.
Did the campfire item, i feel that the boys had no spirit or energy at all through out -.-
The day came to an end after group reflections and stuff and went to wash-up.
The night was more comfortable to sleep as it was not as humid, quite cooling (:
I slept peacefully w/o anything happening at night, hahaha! :D:D:D
Day 3:
Was so sleepy in the morning, the 7am morning devotion and songs bored me.
Held onto my baobao (sleeping bag) everywhere, even while doing reflections.
So much so that we came to play a game where we all went crazy!
Haha, did area cleaning of the teachers' bunks w/ beds and air-con.
Was more hyper today, didn't knew why, but just did, haha.
But the rest of the class except some were so dead, boooooooring.
Back to school, wanted to play bomb game on bus but never did.
Were given some listening game to listen at and i still don't get it! :O
'How many meh meh jumped over the fence', doesn't it sound the same everytime? ._.
Got back to school, got wallet and came home!
Btw, the toilet was really disgusting, was ordered for everyone to take off shoes before going in but alot people didn't, making the floor really disgusting and everyone had to wear shoes in.
But on some occasions, we had no choice but to take off shoes and go in.
The floor was like, damn disgusting can!(Same w/ toilet cubicles and shower cubicles)