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Chinese New Year :D

True forms of Vongola rings! (Super cool)

Desperate Byakuran, hahaha!

Just read reborn chapter 278. Woah, damn cool siah!
Vongola Primo(!!) appeared and removed the shackles from Tsuna,
returned the original form of the vongola rings(half of the power)!
And now, Tsuna is pawning Byakuran, which made him like sort of mad, HAHAHA.

Okay, so I've been like wanting to blog for days since after Chinese New Year, but I'm lazy :B
Haha, this year Chinese New Year wasn't as usual cause, we didn't went to Gu Po's house.

Chinese New Year's Eve:
We gathered at Ah Gong's house for reunion dinner, not everyone was there.
Ate steamboat, there wasn't much food, and people, and there's no New Year spirit :O
Helped in arranging New Year goods and stuff.
(Mandarin Oranges & Pomelo is being arranged by my Ah Gong and my smallest counsin)


Me Mama JieJie

Mahjong tiles(Made out of boredom)

BlackJack- Papa: Dealer


Chinese New Year:
Nobody woke up until Dad came to woke us…

Happy CNY!

Don't know why suddenly feel like blogging, hahaha!
Hm.. It's been awhile since i last blogged, :P
First thing in the morning, had Singspiration, was weird.
Don't understand what has Chinese New Year Celebration got to do with Singspiration :O
After that went back to class, total defence ppt. slide, hamper making.
Ate Hellopanda from Mdm Chua(thanks!), spent recess helping out w/ hamper.
Wasn't nice, it was stuffed w/ super loads of things, haha. Go Abalone!
Sent in the hamper made by Jaslin's group, had CNY celebration.
Was boooooooring, didn't feel any CNY spirit, rofl. We didn't manage to win anything D:
Hope 1-1 girls are damn scary, LOL. I was molested and attacked! x-x
After celebration went to McDonalds to had lunch w/ Xiner & Jaslin.
YuYue went home, Shannen had gg meeting for 1 hour.
Shannen came while we're finishing up our lunch.
Saw Edgar Weichin Zhiyong and all and, they went back to primary school!
Hence, Shannen and I was so tempted to return to pr…

Stressing out

Okay I know I haven't been updating recently,
it was due to the tremendous piling of homework,
so much so that I can use the comp now is cause I finished it and tml is a late day! C:
And also, I've been watching Hi, my sweetheart since monday!
Have only been watching up to 7episodes for the past 2days..
Wonder if I should watch it today? Hehheh :P
So.. I won't be posting or updating so often,
but once in a while I will pop by for random updates! HAHAHA.
Okay, #1. Secs1 are coming to band this friday!
#2. I wanna go Mdm Chua's house during CNY for angpows! :D:D