Happy CNY!

Don't know why suddenly feel like blogging, hahaha!
Hm.. It's been awhile since i last blogged, :P
First thing in the morning, had Singspiration, was weird.
Don't understand what has Chinese New Year Celebration got to do with Singspiration :O
After that went back to class, total defence ppt. slide, hamper making.
Ate Hellopanda from Mdm Chua(thanks!), spent recess helping out w/ hamper.
Wasn't nice, it was stuffed w/ super loads of things, haha. Go Abalone!
Sent in the hamper made by Jaslin's group, had CNY celebration.
Was boooooooring, didn't feel any CNY spirit, rofl. We didn't manage to win anything D:
Hope 1-1 girls are damn scary, LOL. I was molested and attacked! x-x
After celebration went to McDonalds to had lunch w/ Xiner & Jaslin.
YuYue went home, Shannen had gg meeting for 1 hour.
Shannen came while we're finishing up our lunch.
Saw Edgar Weichin Zhiyong and all and, they went back to primary school!
Hence, Shannen and I was so tempted to return to primary school to visit Miss Voo(:
So.. Shannen and I went back to Primary school, Jaslin and Xiner went to BoonHuat first.
Decided only to visit for a while, have a chat and go.
However, Miss Voo was initially talking to her another batch of ex-students,
hence we waited. Then Miss Voo asked if we wanted sweets and we went to the Staffroom :D
Reached staffroom, we sat down and started chatting and slacking.
Spent around 1 hour plus there in the staffroom, from 2+ to 4.30pm.
And super sorry Jaslin and Xiner!! Sorry to pangseh you two :X
And and, I promise next time to bake cookies or something for Miss Voo on Teachers' Day! :D
Went to Stadium's KFC to see see. Was able to see JingWan, hahaha!
She treated me to a cup of Mountain Dew and 2 eggtarts, yay thanks! :D
Sat around, but JingWan was till busy, Huangli's day off today):
Came home and reached home around 8, hehheh.

Tomorrow's Chinese New Year eve! Will be eating steamboat reunion dinner at ahgong's house.
I hope I will get more AngBaos this year, hahaha.
新年快乐!祝大家在这新的一年,学业进步,万事如意,身体健康, 心想事成!