Chinese New Year :D

True forms of Vongola rings! (Super cool)

Desperate Byakuran, hahaha!

Just read reborn chapter 278. Woah, damn cool siah!
Vongola Primo(!!) appeared and removed the shackles from Tsuna,
returned the original form of the vongola rings(half of the power)!
And now, Tsuna is pawning Byakuran, which made him like sort of mad, HAHAHA.

Okay, so I've been like wanting to blog for days since after Chinese New Year, but I'm lazy :B
Haha, this year Chinese New Year wasn't as usual cause, we didn't went to Gu Po's house.

Chinese New Year's Eve:
We gathered at Ah Gong's house for reunion dinner, not everyone was there.
Ate steamboat, there wasn't much food, and people, and there's no New Year spirit :O
Helped in arranging New Year goods and stuff.
(Mandarin Oranges & Pomelo is being arranged by my Ah Gong and my smallest counsin)


Me Mama JieJie

Mahjong tiles(Made out of boredom)

BlackJack- Papa: Dealer


Chinese New Year:
Nobody woke up until Dad came to woke us up at 11+pm.
Rushed in getting ready, and went to Ah Gong's house which 2 family of relatives reached.
Dad and Mum prepared the food, we helped in serving them, and slacked around.
They left, we played Mahjong, i did won quite a number of rounds! :> and we slacked around.
Relatives started coming, we got together and chatted.
Was getting all ready in going to Gu Po's house as usual,
but then they called, came to say Gu Po's not feeling well, implying that we shouldn't go. :O
So yeah, this is the first year we didn't go and visit Gu Po for New Year.
Hence we found our own activity to do, we bought tickets to Little Big Soldier for all.
HAHAHA, 17 tickets, each $8, quite cheap for midnight ticket for New Year night C:
They played Blackjack before going, i didn't play, just watched, didn't want to play :O
After that, dadi, and we all went to AMK Hub for movie at 12.35am except for some people.
Was pretty cool, going AMK Hub to watch midnight movie on New Year night w/ whole family.
Haha, the show was ok-ok, the song is quite nice :D 一条大路哟,通我家~
After watching the movie was damn tired, dozed off on lorry :B

Jiejie and I :D

Two small cousins

Our legs, haha C:

Chinese New Year- 初二:
Woke up, get ready and waited for Xiao Yi and her family to come.
Ate mian xian and then we all went to visit Yi Po, the house was cool :D
Next, we went to Ju En Home to see Ahma.. Was quite heart-breaking to see her in this state..
She looked like she wanted to speak but couldn't, couldn't move her hands as it was tied to bed,
her hands and head kept shaking, she was super skinny and could practically see her veins,
she grabbed my hand very tightly, she had tears at the edge of her eyes,
she looked like she was suffering. I teared ):
Was very very very saddening.. After that we sat for a while there, and went to eat dinner..
Afterwhich we went to 春到河畔 @ Marina Bay.
There were loads of people there, wasn't much to see, boring.
Sent them back home and yeah, we went home.

Breakfast @ McDonalds'.

We are the only ones there! :D

Broken Bangle D:

Room 13 :D

Chinese New Year- 初三:
Another day of School holiday, woke up at 8am, bathed and got ready.
Went to the McDonalds' @ East Coast, ordered 3 Big Breakfast Deluxe and 3 Big Breakfast.
Ate till was super full, then we went to MarineBowl for bowling.
I didn't bowl though, just watched around and, my sister broke my black bangle D:
After that, we came to this karaoke place at Geylang for singing :D
It looks like those kind of place where there's alot of women, beer, drugs and stuff place :X
But we had 1 room to ourselves, so I think it's okay haha.
Was still okay, but Mum sung most of the songs, made Dad lost his mood of singing.
Please, like who wouldn't? But still, enjoyed the day C:
After that came home, took a nap and woke up wrapping Nian Gao and frying them to eat.
Haha, and yeah, that's the end of the New Year Celebration things! :D

Then, returned back to school when i finally begun to felt the spirit.
Everything's moving so fast. I can't keep up with its pace.
I actually fell asleep during geog. lesson and my head kept slipping off, so ps! :B
Although I'm surprised I did quite well for geog. test for myself C:
Sigh, I'm stressed out -o- I wonder why? I slept early, wake up early.
I'm supposed to charged with energy to face the day, yet, I'm still tired during lessons!
A Maths is seriously killing my brain cells, I can't think, I can't solve.
And yeah, I feel weird, don't ask me why. HAHAHA

And was supposed to have NEGC after school today, it was canceled, the organiser apologised.
Stayed back after school with the GB people, slacked and played awhile of Basketball.
Waited for Xiner to get dismissed from Netball and came home :D
(It took me long enough to post this long post, LOL)
Okay and yeah seriously, it's Christina's birthday tomorrow!
And.. I'm very sorry to have forgotten about it!! :X
Ohmygod ohmygod. I'm still thinking what to get for her!
Sorry tuneh, forgive pork ):