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Stress D:

Hi people. Didn't blog these few days, was busy with schoolwork and stuff :O
Changed place in class by drawing lots, sat next to HongGeap and by the door.
It feels weird there, so quiet, i miss snorlax, boooo D:
Had Physics test today, didn't test so much of lens as i expected, wasted effort..
There's a english essay to hand in tomorrow and the physics graph gradient..
I'm dead. I need it tomorrow. I've searched my cupboard, under my desk, bag and locker.
It isn't there. It isn't anywhere. Maybe it's in the locker behind the class! YES, IT MUST BE!
HAHAHA. So there is still hope for me that I've not lost my book :D
Okay I'm sorry, just talking to myself haha :B
There's lots of test next week and next next week!!
Hcl test(Mon), Wordpower test, Bio test(Fri), Geog test(Mon), Chy test(Mid-Apr)
Jiejie's birthday is on next tuesday, still gotta get her gift! :O
There's still ArtsNite next w…

Ahma's 1 Year Anniversary

Hello people.. Feeling quite confused, unjust, troubled today D:
Had band this morning, had difficulty waking up.
Bao didn't came as she have her heartspring CIP D:
We had an 2hour sectional. Sectional-ed on A major scale and Amazing Grace.
It was just as tiring, sectional was fine. But i didn't dare to blow out in bandroom D:
Was asked to command during fall out, with Janson marking attendance :O
Audition for sec3 band leaders has started. Next week there will be other sec3s, haha.
Came home with crab. Made my own burger and milo, played a bit of comp.
And had to went off for ahgong house as today is Ah Ma's death anniversary..
Went, prepared things, and went downstairs to burn around 4+pm.
Helped to prepare dinner and went down to play soccer in the night.
Earth Hour, i was at the soccer court and there wasn't any lights to off for me, haha.
So it's counted that I did my part eh? HAHAHA :D
Soccer was quite boring.. It wasn't fun. I was thinking about a lot of things while…

Truly, Madly, Deeply(Cascada)

Have been singing this song lately, haha! (:

Verse 1:
I'll be your dream,
I'll be your wish,
I'll be your fantasy.
I'll be your hope,
I'll be your love,
Be everything that you need.
I love you more with every breath,
Truly madly deeply do..
I will be strong I will be faithful,
'Cos I'm counting on a new beginning.
A reason for living.
A deeper meaning.

I want to stand with you on a mountain.
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever.
Until the sky falls down on me.

Verse 2:
And when the stars are shining brightly
In the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish,
Send it to heaven,
Then make you want to cry..
The tears of joy,
For all the pleasure and the certainty.
That we're surrounded
By the comfort and protection of..
The highest power.
In lonely hours.
The tears devour you..
I want to stand with you on a mountain,
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever,
Until the sky falls down on me...

Oh can't you see it baby?
You don…


Hehheh, hello yet again :D
Had 2.4run during PE this morning, 14:34mins! YAY, haha! :D
After running, rested and went up hall to play badminton.
Lessons lessons, YuYue gave us sweets to eat, thanks! :D
Phy Spa was boring, my answers are all different from Joyce's and Jaslin's. Weird.
Rushed for PEC meeting after Phy Spa, was i/c of the Sec2 recruitment stuff :O
I wanna go for OBS! But there's only 12 vacancies huh.. I guess i'll forget it.
Ate lunch and went for band. Had intense sectional all the way till 5+pm.
Tired sioh.. We kept practicing the running notes and stuff.
Yet, when we went back to bandroom, Mr. Samuel doubted if we did practiced.
Cause we've only sectional until abit after Figure C, didn't practice the rest.
So.. Yeah, gotta work harder tomorrow! (There's band 8-1pm :O!)
Had to fall out row by row cause the middle part didn't shout..
Luckily Rachelyn and I shouted when it was our turn and got off :D
Went to mrt with crab and came home!

Ichigo's fa…

Loyal Blogger :D

Hehheh. What a loyal blogger I am, posting my 446th post, posting everyday since Sunday.
HAHA. Today was late day, slept at 12am last night, woke up quite energetic. :D
SEL was boring cause Mdm Chua didn't come again, get well soon! D:
The lessons before recess felt so short, however, after recess, it was tiring!
Had 2periods of AM, 2periods of HCL, 2periods of Bio Spa, lunch, and 1more period of HCL!
The whole day felt so long.. Was especially tired during HCL as we were going through compo..
Nobody answered Li laoshi's questions or said anything throughout, everyone was just restless.
Li laoshi was sooo fed up she asked us to rest for 10mins, although i can see she was pissed :O
Alot of people immediately fell alseep on the table, and i did too. HAHA.
It was re-energizing :D Li laoshi really woke us up after 10mins, and we continued with lessons.
Gotten 2 chocolates today! 1hazelnut merci from Shannen and 1 timeout from Jaslin, thanks.
It was raining the whole day, tuna sheltered me fo…

2nd Clarinet

Gah, it's Wednesday today and lessons ended at 1.35pm!
That's means i have no reason to be going late for band from now on.
I've gotta go from 2.30 to 6.00pm! Gosh, it's so long..
Went for band, sectional and suddenly, I was changed to the 2nd clarinet..
Ohmygod .___.! I don't wanna change! Why does the Sec4s have to step down?! D:
Why are there so little people in 2nd clarinet? Why are there so many people in the 3rd clarinet?!
No, I don't blame Si Ting or anything, but, why does this happen? D:
Boo. After band went to Orchard mrt, walked to far east plaza and waited for Jiejie.
Shopped around with her to find jacket and stuff, went to Ion also.
Reached home at 9pm, bathed and ate my superlate dinner.
I'm glad it's late day tomorrow! One more hour of sleep for me, hehheh! :D

Sorry if I've done anything wrong that made anyone mad.
But seriously, I don't see where have I gone wrong.
Instead of being mad, shouldn't you tell me what's the cause of it an…


Domo! :D

Hellohello, haha(:
Getting up awake today was tiring, slept at 12am last night for this blogskin.
Chapel this morning, was supertired, didn't slept cause Phyllis keeps disturbing me :O!
During lessons, i was very much anticipating the arrival of SS lesson,
as it would mean we would get to plaaaaay and change seats!
However, Mdm Chua didn't came): We did our own stuff, yeah..
Snorlax didn't came today also, I hope she's fine. Get well soon, Snorlax!
Gotten back bio and cy test papers today, utterly disappointed. D:
It's like the first time I've ever scored so low.. I shall work hard next time!
HAHA. Done with my part of the wordpower list, gonna do Chy ws and then AM 2.4.
I'm gonna be a good kid! :D But I still want to use the computer.. T.T



Hello people, hahaha!
I've finally changed my blogskin! Was getting tired of the old one.
I know, it's all purple, haha! But it's time for a change, hehheh :D
Andand, I've only got my profile, tagboard, posts and links on this blogskin.
I've removed my calender, plurk, wishlist and stuff D:

Ah, today was the first day back at school after the "Holiday", was very moodless :\
Didn't get to changed seats today as we didn't get to see Mdm Chua.
Gotten our new timetable today, there's SS tomorow! I hope we get to change seats then.
It's not that I'm not happy with my seat, in fact, i love it! :D
But it's just that the thought of getting to choose our own seats with our fate seems cool, haha!
Yeah yeah, theeeeeeeeen, i didn't went out to buy snorlax's present today, sorry :O
Came home after the english oral thing, papa persuaded me and jiejie to toa payoh stadium.
To watch him run, yes. Watch. Sat there for 30mins, not doing my homework.

What's living for?

Recently, I've been thinking.
What's the purpose of living on Earth for?
We all die anyway, it is just a matter of time, early or late death.
You study hard, attain your lifetime dream, fulfill your passion, your dream, find your right partner, start a happy family, age, experience the pain of losing your loved ones, suffer in agony while missing them and all your memories, forget them, let time heal the wound, accept and continue with life, travel around the world, see the world, grapple the realistic of life, try to change fate, life, destiny, you will end up dying.
Even if you achieved your dream, have a great family, great life, you still die anyway.
If you suffer in your lifetime, you end up dying too.
I've got no idea what's afterlife or is there, but, you will eventually die.
I feel that living is so tiring. Everyday studying, everyday working, everyday living. :O
Can anyone tell me what's the purpose of living?

Gosh, I sound so emo, HAHAHA, but seriously, what's…

Band Camp

Hey people! PORK IS BACK FROM CAMP AND BATH! Hahahaha.
Okay, so now I'm very tired, but I'm just gonna wait for my hair to dry (:
Ah, I don't feel like typing out all those details and stuff, so I'll skip it, heh.
So, I got into GirlsGeneration group 1 together with bao, dabianzhi, matong and others.
First day we played Captain's ball, drills, and loads of practice, including night practice C:
Hehheh. Drills was weird, it's so scary to be commanding :X
Night practice, i wore my greentee and cute shorts and it looked like sleepwear.
Okay lah, it IS sleepwear, but it is cute okay! HAHAHAHA.
Anyway, saw the girlguides.. I think it's very bully lor :O
At night slept side by side to Bao :D Rolled over to Matong's side once, hahaha.
It was fun rolling! Talked to Bao until around 1am, saw HuiFei sleeping!
She looks like she is smiling when she sleeps, and the way she pulls her sleeping bag while sleeping and turning over, it was soooooo cute! HAHA, HuiFei's sleeping …

Happy 18th Birthday, Korkor!


Yesterday went to Shaw Plaza to eat buffet at Sakura w/ family!
It was to celebrate Korkor's 18th Birthday as on his birthday, 18th, I've got band camp and on 17th night, Papa wasn't free. So.. the celebration was brought foward.
Anyway, the food there was quite okay, but still, I was very full, bloated infact, HAHAHA.
Ate alot of things, had fun eating and playing :D Hehheh.
Had the cake celebration and stuff today instead, full full.
I can sense korkor is not quite happy or into his own birthday, LOL.
Come'on, your going to be 18year-old le leh! How can you bid farewell to your youth like that :O!
I don't think he will ever come and read this, HAHAHA.
If he does, too bad. SMILE! HAHAHA. Don't become an old uncle! :B
Okay, so.. Have been going back everyday since "Holiday" started.
It doesn't feel like a holiday at all man. What is this?
Overloaded homeworks, cca and hcl programme making me go back to school …

Science Centre

Hihi. :D
It's finally holiday! HAHAHAHA.
Okay, I've been wanting to blog but i was lazy, hehehh :B
Crosscountry on Friday, no school, yay!
Actually I had intended to walk the whole 4.3km at Bedok Reservoir.
But, Shannen said wanted to run.. So yeah, we ran.
Alas, gotten 74th position! Not too bad eh, considering i was about 100th+ position for past 2 years.
HAHAHA. After Crosscountry Shannen and phyllis went off.
Yuyue's parents came and sent us to the Science Centre.
The trip to there was quite awkward, i don't like superquiet places :X
Reached there, played the things outside and went to the 'Curiousity' shop.
Then, Shannen and ZhiYong joined us.
We ate our lunch at McDonalds. I ate the happymeal and gotten the piplup toy!
No it's not the superbig and cute piplup! ): THE STAFF DON'T WANT GIVE ME!!
However still, mine was still supercute, a…

Shannen's birthday 08march!

Well, first thing's first, it's Shannen's birthday!
Made her angry last night :X, luckily today was successful(:
Had to get my pants pulled until she talked to me again, what a heavy price D:
Ran 6rounds today, 15:43, was sweating profusely after running for the first time.
Sat around, felt super dizzy. Then, i vomited :O!
However, after i vomited, i felt alot alot better, re-energized. HAHAHA
Yeah. Then had lessons and english oral enrichment.

Fcuk, somebody just ruined my mood. Like wth? How can you pangseh like this one siah.
Not going still order me to do this and that, please lah, stop talking crap and all those nonsensical stuff can. It's not that i don't know how to reply you, it's just i don't wanna. Damn.
It's not as if you own the world or something, it's not as if you're very big okay.
Stop attracting attention. I hate attention seekers. You're disgusting me.
Cb, and one more thing, stop being biased.
Everything don't have to revolve you …

1st outing w/ Clarinetists

Well, had band from 8am to 1pm today, chionged to oldchangkee to eat chicken for a 15min break.
Hehheh. Band was quite fun today somehow, happyhappy :D
After band, went to library to change and wait for people to come.
And we went to Ahboon kopitiam to eat, had fun though, haha!
Went Iluma, and we finally agreed on all to watch Alice in Wonderland together.
Didn't catch the 3D one as the next show would only be at 5pm, yeah so..
Went OtakuHouse and Comiconnections w/ Bao before the show started,
met Xiner and Jaslin, took some time to find the photos and had to rush for movie, haha.
Watched the normal kind one, i think it was a great show, i love the Red Queen and Hatter(:
After that, proceed to take some photos, hahaha.
Then.. most of them left, the only remaning ones are Crab, Bao, Alson and me.
Ate dinner at Foodjunction, somehow met Zoe and Gigi at Bugis, felt weird :O
Went to arcade to play, played bball, though it was tiring, it was fun hehe.
Yeah, it was 8+pm and we all came home!
And, w…

Friday: Heavy books!

It's finally Friday, it's been a long weekend for me, haha.
Band today, was quite okay, hehheh (: Crabbuttnut!
Carried alot of books home, just bought 2 TYS and had my clarinet to manage.
Took home my clarinet today so as to label my clarinet!
Haha, I wouldn't want my clarinet to be used by the secondary ones :O!
There's band from 8am to 1pm tomorrow, after that we have clarinet section outing!
Movie @ Bugis, either Alice in Wonderland or Dear John (:
I wanna watch "Alice in Wonderland"!! "Dear John"'s synopsis doesn't seem nice :O
Ugh, my muscles are aching from carrying my heavy bag, which weighs more than 5kg..
Have some ideas for their presents, just wondering when to get them now! :D

Body Worlds

Hi. :D
School was boring, had english compre test today, was super happy w/ my hcl test marks! :D
Went to Body Worlds @ Science Centre after school today.
I was quite excited, it hadn't been a let down.
However, everything seems so unrealistic to me, lol.
I can't believe our own very body actually works that way, our body is a wonder. (:
After exhibiting the body worlds, Shannen YuYue and me went out to play.
It was really fun, haha. I mean, how amazing can the work of science get?
I wanna watch Kaiji on 11 march! Still fretting over Shannen and Yuyue's bday present ):

How long does it take for one to appreciate the present, and not the past?
How long does it take for one to compromise one another, and not to quarrel?
How long does it take for one to not grumble, but make the best out of it?
Some things are better meant unsaid.