Hehheh, hello yet again :D
Had 2.4run during PE this morning, 14:34mins! YAY, haha! :D
After running, rested and went up hall to play badminton.
Lessons lessons, YuYue gave us sweets to eat, thanks! :D
Phy Spa was boring, my answers are all different from Joyce's and Jaslin's. Weird.
Rushed for PEC meeting after Phy Spa, was i/c of the Sec2 recruitment stuff :O
I wanna go for OBS! But there's only 12 vacancies huh.. I guess i'll forget it.
Ate lunch and went for band. Had intense sectional all the way till 5+pm.
Tired sioh.. We kept practicing the running notes and stuff.
Yet, when we went back to bandroom, Mr. Samuel doubted if we did practiced.
Cause we've only sectional until abit after Figure C, didn't practice the rest.
So.. Yeah, gotta work harder tomorrow! (There's band 8-1pm :O!)
Had to fall out row by row cause the middle part didn't shout..
Luckily Rachelyn and I shouted when it was our turn and got off :D
Went to mrt with crab and came home!

Ichigo's father, Isshin, is sooo cool! HAHAHA. He just suddenly came in, woah big shot. :D
Have been reading manga since the time I've reached home, haha.
I'm dead, band tomorrow till 1, gotta go ahgong house in the afternoon!
Gotta go earlier cause it's Ahma's anniversary..
Only left with sunday to complete studies and homeworks.
No time for plaaaaaaaaaaying D: Gosh.