1st outing w/ Clarinetists

Well, had band from 8am to 1pm today, chionged to oldchangkee to eat chicken for a 15min break.
Hehheh. Band was quite fun today somehow, happyhappy :D
After band, went to library to change and wait for people to come.
And we went to Ahboon kopitiam to eat, had fun though, haha!
Went Iluma, and we finally agreed on all to watch Alice in Wonderland together.
Didn't catch the 3D one as the next show would only be at 5pm, yeah so..
Went OtakuHouse and Comiconnections w/ Bao before the show started,
met Xiner and Jaslin, took some time to find the photos and had to rush for movie, haha.
Watched the normal kind one, i think it was a great show, i love the Red Queen and Hatter(:
After that, proceed to take some photos, hahaha.
Then.. most of them left, the only remaning ones are Crab, Bao, Alson and me.
Ate dinner at Foodjunction, somehow met Zoe and Gigi at Bugis, felt weird :O
Went to arcade to play, played bball, though it was tiring, it was fun hehe.
Yeah, it was 8+pm and we all came home!
And, woah. Mass photo uploads on today's outing on Facebook, LOL!
And that, marks the end of our first section outing! :D
Although there were others there like Janson, Jiawei and Stephen. :O
I had great fun today! Hehehehe. Tomorrow going to PS w/ Phyllis!!
Shh. It's a secret. IT'S OUR DATE! :D HAHAHA
Okay shit. I've yet to complete my homework or study for the upcoming tests next week!