2nd Clarinet

Gah, it's Wednesday today and lessons ended at 1.35pm!
That's means i have no reason to be going late for band from now on.
I've gotta go from 2.30 to 6.00pm! Gosh, it's so long..
Went for band, sectional and suddenly, I was changed to the 2nd clarinet..
Ohmygod .___.! I don't wanna change! Why does the Sec4s have to step down?! D:
Why are there so little people in 2nd clarinet? Why are there so many people in the 3rd clarinet?!
No, I don't blame Si Ting or anything, but, why does this happen? D:
Boo. After band went to Orchard mrt, walked to far east plaza and waited for Jiejie.
Shopped around with her to find jacket and stuff, went to Ion also.
Reached home at 9pm, bathed and ate my superlate dinner.
I'm glad it's late day tomorrow! One more hour of sleep for me, hehheh! :D

Sorry if I've done anything wrong that made anyone mad.
But seriously, I don't see where have I gone wrong.
Instead of being mad, shouldn't you tell me what's the cause of it and let me know?
Lol. Being pissed for reasons I don't understand makes me pissed.
After awhile, I still don't get what I'm pissed at for, then you started talking to me as usual.
Now it seems like my own childishness for getting pissed?
Hello, I'm getting pissed for no reasons, not being able to get a explanation of course I will still be pissed right. I've got emotion and feelings you know :O
I get angry, I worry, I think, I feel, I reflect.
Stop putting the blame on others. Think about it, don't you think you did wrong too?
It's just that you won't admit your own mistakes and pinpoint the mistakes other did so badly.
See it in a different perspective, a different point of view.
Stop seeing it in your point of view adamantly and affirm yourself as if you are right about everything and anything.
Sometimes, when you think you are right, you are just strongly rejecting the fact that you are wrong and injecting yourself with those wishful thinking that you ain't wrong.