Ahma's 1 Year Anniversary

Hello people.. Feeling quite confused, unjust, troubled today D:
Had band this morning, had difficulty waking up.
Bao didn't came as she have her heartspring CIP D:
We had an 2hour sectional. Sectional-ed on A major scale and Amazing Grace.
It was just as tiring, sectional was fine. But i didn't dare to blow out in bandroom D:
Was asked to command during fall out, with Janson marking attendance :O
Audition for sec3 band leaders has started. Next week there will be other sec3s, haha.
Came home with crab. Made my own burger and milo, played a bit of comp.
And had to went off for ahgong house as today is Ah Ma's death anniversary..
Went, prepared things, and went downstairs to burn around 4+pm.
Helped to prepare dinner and went down to play soccer in the night.
Earth Hour, i was at the soccer court and there wasn't any lights to off for me, haha.
So it's counted that I did my part eh? HAHAHA :D
Soccer was quite boring.. It wasn't fun. I was thinking about a lot of things while playing.
Played for about an hour and went up. Aunt brought her scissors today.
But I didn't cut my hair! Well, maybe I well cut when i feel like it heh, haha.

Some huge squid my AhGong bought.