Band Camp

Hey people! PORK IS BACK FROM CAMP AND BATH! Hahahaha.
Okay, so now I'm very tired, but I'm just gonna wait for my hair to dry (:
Ah, I don't feel like typing out all those details and stuff, so I'll skip it, heh.
So, I got into GirlsGeneration group 1 together with bao, dabianzhi, matong and others.
First day we played Captain's ball, drills, and loads of practice, including night practice C:
Hehheh. Drills was weird, it's so scary to be commanding :X
Night practice, i wore my greentee and cute shorts and it looked like sleepwear.
Okay lah, it IS sleepwear, but it is cute okay! HAHAHAHA.
Anyway, saw the girlguides.. I think it's very bully lor :O
At night slept side by side to Bao :D Rolled over to Matong's side once, hahaha.
It was fun rolling! Talked to Bao until around 1am, saw HuiFei sleeping!
She looks like she is smiling when she sleeps, and the way she pulls her sleeping bag while sleeping and turning over, it was soooooo cute! HAHA, HuiFei's sleeping pose exposed! :B
Woke up in the morning, tired and muscles aching. It was cold, haha.
Was late for fall in cause bao and me took our time to prepare and stuff :X
Had breakfast! It was bread with jams and stuff, together with hot milo!
Yay! Had a cup of milo, nicenice! Haha, i ate 1peanutbutter bread and 1 kosong bread :D
Morning practice, bathed, changed into full band uni and everything.
Fall in, bus-ed to Siglap South CC at 2pm. Was expecting something much more grand, lol.
Please, the place is way too grand can, no stage, no mics, no air-con, w/ very few chairs.
Soundchecked, ate, slacked around until it was our turn to perform.
Tuna came at 2+pm, but left afterawhile D:! She wore the shoes we made for her(!!!) :D
*We also watched the 2 chiobu emcees putting on make-up in the public toilet, HAHAHA!*
Was very nervous and the aircon in the room made my fingers froze.
Roar, it was damn obvious can :X Feeling so guilty now, it surely made us look bad D:
Sorry. After the 3 songs, we played the encore song, "Livin' La Vida Loca".
It was funny how the performance ended after enchanted and how the encore started.
Haha, go Mr Samuel's fans! But some people just left upon hearing the encore thing loh :O
How rude, tsk. After performing, we went back to school,
fall in, got our belongings and went home. I went home together with crab, hehheh.
Bought the Pokka Premium Milk Tea to drink on the way, hahaha.
Overall, the food was good! Every meal was a bento except breakfast. It was nice! HAHA
Okay, so.. I've still typed so long. :B

And! I MISSED THE PIZZA! ROAR. While i was away for bandcamp on the 18th, which is korkor's birthday, they ordered pizza! Gosh, i didn't get to eat it at all luh D:

Okay, now I've got to complete my homeworks within this two days.
Wow, how great is this holiday. I'm gonna sleep till late in the afternoon tomorrow!
Go, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!