Body Worlds

Hi. :D
School was boring, had english compre test today, was super happy w/ my hcl test marks! :D
Went to Body Worlds @ Science Centre after school today.
I was quite excited, it hadn't been a let down.
However, everything seems so unrealistic to me, lol.
I can't believe our own very body actually works that way, our body is a wonder. (:
After exhibiting the body worlds, Shannen YuYue and me went out to play.
It was really fun, haha. I mean, how amazing can the work of science get?
I wanna watch Kaiji on 11 march! Still fretting over Shannen and Yuyue's bday present ):

How long does it take for one to appreciate the present, and not the past?
How long does it take for one to compromise one another, and not to quarrel?
How long does it take for one to not grumble, but make the best out of it?

Some things are better meant unsaid.