Hello people, hahaha!
I've finally changed my blogskin! Was getting tired of the old one.
I know, it's all purple, haha! But it's time for a change, hehheh :D
Andand, I've only got my profile, tagboard, posts and links on this blogskin.
I've removed my calender, plurk, wishlist and stuff D:

Ah, today was the first day back at school after the "Holiday", was very moodless :\
Didn't get to changed seats today as we didn't get to see Mdm Chua.
Gotten our new timetable today, there's SS tomorow! I hope we get to change seats then.
It's not that I'm not happy with my seat, in fact, i love it! :D
But it's just that the thought of getting to choose our own seats with our fate seems cool, haha!
Yeah yeah, theeeeeeeeen, i didn't went out to buy snorlax's present today, sorry :O
Came home after the english oral thing, papa persuaded me and jiejie to toa payoh stadium.
To watch him run, yes. Watch. Sat there for 30mins, not doing my homework.
Didn't want to go, but he starting blabbering and stuff, keep asking us to go. So.. yeah :\
Went, watched him ran for 30mins, then we came home.
Somehow, i feel like I'ev done something reaaaal bad today. D:
Ah yeah, before I came home, we were distributing the food Pamela had for us,
and.. It ended up that Phyllis got a cut on her forehead after she banged into the locker's edge.
It scared me.. Sorry T.T I hope she's alright! :X

I think I'm not in the right state of mind.