Friday: Heavy books!

It's finally Friday, it's been a long weekend for me, haha.
Band today, was quite okay, hehheh (: Crabbuttnut!
Carried alot of books home, just bought 2 TYS and had my clarinet to manage.
Took home my clarinet today so as to label my clarinet!
Haha, I wouldn't want my clarinet to be used by the secondary ones :O!
There's band from 8am to 1pm tomorrow, after that we have clarinet section outing!
Movie @ Bugis, either Alice in Wonderland or Dear John (:
I wanna watch "Alice in Wonderland"!! "Dear John"'s synopsis doesn't seem nice :O
Ugh, my muscles are aching from carrying my heavy bag, which weighs more than 5kg..
Have some ideas for their presents, just wondering when to get them now! :D