Happy 18th Birthday, Korkor!


Yesterday went to Shaw Plaza to eat buffet at Sakura w/ family!
It was to celebrate Korkor's 18th Birthday as on his birthday, 18th, I've got band camp and on 17th night, Papa wasn't free. So.. the celebration was brought foward.
Anyway, the food there was quite okay, but still, I was very full, bloated infact, HAHAHA.
Ate alot of things, had fun eating and playing :D Hehheh.
Had the cake celebration and stuff today instead, full full.
I can sense korkor is not quite happy or into his own birthday, LOL.
Come'on, your going to be 18year-old le leh! How can you bid farewell to your youth like that :O!
I don't think he will ever come and read this, HAHAHA.
If he does, too bad. SMILE! HAHAHA. Don't become an old uncle! :B
Okay, so.. Have been going back everyday since "Holiday" started.
It doesn't feel like a holiday at all man. What is this?
Overloaded homeworks, cca and hcl programme making me go back to school everyday,
not a night into the morning, not a sleep into the late afternoon.
Sigh.. Is my holiday just gonna end like this? With the upcoming band camp and concert?!
): Seriously, i could use a REAL Holiday!
I've packed almost everything for band camp,
I just need to pack in my toothbrush, smallpillow and waterbottle tomorrow (:
Andand, there are alot of people who ain't going to bandcamp!
Like Tuna, Octopus and Mama.. I will miss them T.T
Let's pray and hope i get into the same group as Bao!
Otherwise, I will be a loner at the bandcamp x.x
Okay, enough ranting and crapping. I'm tired.
I shall turn to my bed and await the torture camp! D:
Till I return next time, tata!