Loyal Blogger :D

Hehheh. What a loyal blogger I am, posting my 446th post, posting everyday since Sunday.
HAHA. Today was late day, slept at 12am last night, woke up quite energetic. :D
SEL was boring cause Mdm Chua didn't come again, get well soon! D:
The lessons before recess felt so short, however, after recess, it was tiring!
Had 2periods of AM, 2periods of HCL, 2periods of Bio Spa, lunch, and 1more period of HCL!
The whole day felt so long.. Was especially tired during HCL as we were going through compo..
Nobody answered Li laoshi's questions or said anything throughout, everyone was just restless.
Li laoshi was sooo fed up she asked us to rest for 10mins, although i can see she was pissed :O
Alot of people immediately fell alseep on the table, and i did too. HAHA.
It was re-energizing :D Li laoshi really woke us up after 10mins, and we continued with lessons.
Gotten 2 chocolates today! 1hazelnut merci from Shannen and 1 timeout from Jaslin, thanks.
It was raining the whole day, tuna sheltered me for abit, thanks! Hehheh :D
Came home and used computer :P
MYE is coming in a month's time, gosh! I am totally not prepared for it :O
I've better start revising my work since i scored so badly for my tests D: