Stress D:

Hi people. Didn't blog these few days, was busy with schoolwork and stuff :O
Changed place in class by drawing lots, sat next to HongGeap and by the door.
It feels weird there, so quiet, i miss snorlax, boooo D:
Had Physics test today, didn't test so much of lens as i expected, wasted effort..
There's a english essay to hand in tomorrow and the physics graph gradient..
I'm dead. I need it tomorrow. I've searched my cupboard, under my desk, bag and locker.
It isn't there. It isn't anywhere. Maybe it's in the locker behind the class! YES, IT MUST BE!
HAHAHA. So there is still hope for me that I've not lost my book :D
Okay I'm sorry, just talking to myself haha :B
There's lots of test next week and next next week!!
Hcl test(Mon), Wordpower test, Bio test(Fri), Geog test(Mon), Chy test(Mid-Apr)
Jiejie's birthday is on next tuesday, still gotta get her gift! :O
There's still ArtsNite next week. Brought home clarinet today.
I've gotta practice before the rehearsal on Wedsnesday!
I still have to get the superbig scores photocopied.
PFT's coming soon too, i've yet to train! No pe on fri due to GoodFriday!
Still got to plan the Sec2 recruitment stuff, have to go earlier tomorrow D:
Everything's in a rush. I can't keep up the pace :O
Pheeeeeeeeeew. I've got to keep my life in control and order.
Okay, so this weekend, i will:
  • Do all my homework(Up till now: Geog WB, Chy WS)
  • Study for Hcl test, wordpower test and bio test
  • I will practice my clarinet for atleast 2 hours(?).
  • I will get the scores photocopied by Wed.
  • Get my sister's gift!
  • Aaaaand, control myself for using the computer!
Haah. I'm so tired, life's stressing me out with all the work and things to be done.
What's more, people who enforce their own way of thinking on me when it's wrong.
I know I am correct, yet you are disturbing me and making me all confused.
Sorry, but you have no rights to discriminate me when you yourself did it wrongly.