Shannen's birthday 08march!

Well, first thing's first, it's Shannen's birthday!
Made her angry last night :X, luckily today was successful(:
Had to get my pants pulled until she talked to me again, what a heavy price D:
Ran 6rounds today, 15:43, was sweating profusely after running for the first time.
Sat around, felt super dizzy. Then, i vomited :O!
However, after i vomited, i felt alot alot better, re-energized. HAHAHA
Yeah. Then had lessons and english oral enrichment.

Fcuk, somebody just ruined my mood. Like wth? How can you pangseh like this one siah.
Not going still order me to do this and that, please lah, stop talking crap and all those nonsensical stuff can. It's not that i don't know how to reply you, it's just i don't wanna. Damn.
It's not as if you own the world or something, it's not as if you're very big okay.
Stop attracting attention. I hate attention seekers. You're disgusting me.
Cb, and one more thing, stop being biased.
Everything don't have to revolve you or him. I don't give a damn what you all want.
Selfish bastards. It's fcuking disgusting can. And i hate sarcastic people.
Seriously, overly sarcastic to attract unneeded attention to satisfy your own needs and wants.