What's living for?

Recently, I've been thinking.
What's the purpose of living on Earth for?
We all die anyway, it is just a matter of time, early or late death.
You study hard, attain your lifetime dream, fulfill your passion, your dream, find your right partner, start a happy family, age, experience the pain of losing your loved ones, suffer in agony while missing them and all your memories, forget them, let time heal the wound, accept and continue with life, travel around the world, see the world, grapple the realistic of life, try to change fate, life, destiny, you will end up dying.
Even if you achieved your dream, have a great family, great life, you still die anyway.
If you suffer in your lifetime, you end up dying too.
I've got no idea what's afterlife or is there, but, you will eventually die.
I feel that living is so tiring. Everyday studying, everyday working, everyday living. :O
Can anyone tell me what's the purpose of living?

Gosh, I sound so emo, HAHAHA, but seriously, what's living for? :O
HAHA. Went ahgong house today. Left with half of geog notes and I'm done for homeworks!