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Lavina Wah

Lavina Wah 华芮玲
Born on 24 March 2010/ 48cm/ 2.86kg
Child of Fran & Janet

Hello people!
Yeap, I've visited my cousin's house and seen her baby!!
SHE'S SUPER CUTEEEEEEE!! Her hair and skull is so soft, so nice to touch! xD
Yes she's 1month old only! Today is her 1st month!
HEHEHEHE. It's worthwhile bathing at 10+am and getting ready to go ahgong jia.
Went to Janet cousin's house at 1.30pm in ahgong's cab and got to see her.
Haha! Saw her and then we ate the buffet they catered. The creampuff was delicious! (:
Afterwhich both aunts came. Then all chatted for awhile, and daddy came to fetch us.
Wheeeeeeeee, Lavina wah is so cute! :D Before we left, we went in again to take pictures,
she was sleeping but we woke her up, Janet comforted her and she nearly cried. HAHAHA :D


Using jiejie's itouch to blog, hehheh. Had 2.4 today, boys ran first, followed by the girls, while waiting for the boys to run, I was super nervous :X Finally it was our turn to run, I ran for whole 4 rounds before I stopped, happy happy :D hehheh. However, i wasn't quite happy with my timing; 15:04.. ): Brought home most of the books home today also b'cos they said we have to clear it :O. It was damn heavy lah.. Tomorrow have to reach ahgong house at around 12noon, will be going from ahgong's house to my cousin's house for her baby's one month!!! however, only jiejie's and I will be going cause papa mama got work then korkor have cca, lol. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see her hehe! Okay gonna go sleep le, goodnight people!(:


Hi people.
Today was PFT for upper sec, but I had mine yesterday :O!
It was for PECaptains. It totally sucked D:
Didn't had much fun nor had much enthusiasm about it at all.
Didn't do well for all stations but atleast I didn't get a D :D
After which had to rushed to have a meeting, haha weird.
Muscle aches now, and I'm really tired too.
Was chionging through my zuo ye(yet to finish), chinese compo and studying for Bio.
Yeah, had bio test on nutrients and em test on chapt 3 and 5 today!
I'm totally screwed for bio test, i did study, but my brain just doesn't remember it! :O
Well, for Em test, it is within expectation that I will fail or borderline-ly pass.
Didn't had duty to do for PFT, but I had to take em retest :O
So I helped out at the sit and reach station with Marilyn, haha.
Was very bored. Teacher I/C even just left when there's no group crowding around.
Afterwhich took em retest, didn't know how to do question 6.. Boos.
Wanted to join the China CIP trip, b…

Sports Day/ Movie!

Idiots. Inconsiderate neighbour.
I am really tired now, I want to sleep!
However, whenever I'm right about to fall asleep on the sofa,
I can hear my neighbour as he and his friend keeps on talking non-stop.
I've even closed the door already lah. Please lah, be more considerate can a not.
Don't come chit chat along the corridor so loudly lah.
It's not your a place you own or what okay.
Just freaking shut up or go into your house to talk lah, what's your problem.
I'm turning on the music quite loud now, I hope they can hear it and tone down.
Damn it, I'm not gonna tell them cause I respect them for being more elderly.
But just spare a thought for others can a not. Practice social etiquette man.
Make me can't sleep now, daaaaaaaaaaamn. Urgh!

Sports day today, went to Serangoon Stadium by bus 70 w/ Jaslin and Phyllis.
It started drizzling and the lightning alert was on, lasted till 9am till we finally begun the races.
Was doing position duty at the finishing line the who…

Late Day

Somehow anticipating it to come, hahaha! :D
But I'm not running though. I'm too slow and yeah. Some reasons, haha.
But i will be doing duty! Position judges duty!! HAHAHA.
Going to Seragoon Stadium tomorrow with Phyllis and Jaslin.
Have to reach Paya Lebar MRT outside's bus stop by 6.20am.
I've got to leave house at 6am, wake up at 5.30am to prepare,
and, 15mins earlier to eat my HoneyStars! HAHAHA.
Cereal cereal! :D Today was late day and I woke up earlier to eat it too.
Hehheh. Tomorrow after Sports Day, Phyllis have tuition at 3, Jaslin going to do the class tee.
Well, I think I will be going to play bball at 108 w/ Shannen and YuYue,
but I think I won't run much or play too much :B
Stayed back today to slack around and gave moral support to those doing Mitchell's banner.
Haha, i did help to clean up at the end okay. :D
I hope tomorrow will be a fun and exciting day! :D:D:D:D:D

Great, now I'm so high due to the milo i just drank!

Nric making

Hi people.
I woke really late today.
Slept at 10+ yesterday night, and i had forgotten to set alarms.
Hence, I only woke up today when Gigi had call me at 6.51am.
Eager to keep the noise down, i picked up the phone and cut it immediately :O
Sorry gigi. Looking at the time, i was supershocked.
Haha. Changed clothes, brushed teeth, tied hair, refilled water, packed bag and went off.
I wasn't late, it was about the timing when i went to school last year, haha.
Reached school just in time for duty, hehheh.
Yeah. Made NRIC today. It makes me feel so old.
Think about it, soon, we would have to be out there working, slogging our lives.
What a bore. I wish I could go exploring and traveling around the world, haha.
Made the NE board on International Friendship Day today,
was super boring and.. Wasn't quite happy with certain things.
We had only 2 pens that could be seen on the dull board :O
So yeah.. Wasn't nice. Well, at least we made an effort..

Easter Carnival.

It's Friday already, and there's Easter Carnival tomorrow!
Somehow, I'm quite anticipating it, haha.
Performing for tomorrow's Thanksgiving/Arts Nite.
Gonna wear my long white shirt with tie, school skirt and boots straight tomorrow.
I hope we will have time to watch Jason's performance :D
Meeting Bao Tuna Lina and maybe Jaslin 12noon at the busstop outside cheers.
Yeah yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow!
Today had PE, totally didn't want to run, i had a stomache D:
It must have been the Swensen's ice cream cake i ate at 11+pm yesterday.
Yeah, so i only ran consistently for 3rounds until i ran, jog, ran, jog.
Was with Jaslin for the entire run as she was not feeling well, haha.
We ran.. And, the timing was 16.19mins siah! I wonder how i got 14+ lastlast week, haha.
I hope i can get back to 14+mins for my run :D
Had Phy spa test today.. I wasn't quite sure what to do at all.
I tabulated, found out i left out sin i e r g, so i added two rows to each side of the …






嘿嘿。我已经被了两首了!(短的啦) 还有一个很长的还没背; 水调歌头。
那个好长哦。。 根本不想背啊。
我没换,但是佳慧换了位。 可是还是坐在我旁边,哈哈。
警枪鱼被换走了.. ): 我旁边坐了个变态!
今天放学后在食堂里聊了天, 哈哈.
之后去了"马岭摆列", 和姐姐买了她的生日蛋糕.
刚好今天没了干冰, 还得我和姐姐的搭计程车,在十五分钟内赶回家.
幸好明天没考试, 生物力的测验已延迟到二十号了(:


Mama and Jiejie is there, papa is still working so, korkor brought home subway, haha!

Not going school tomorrow. Pon lessons, HAHA.
No lah, attending Yi Po's crematory session tomorrow.
She was called back into the Loard's arms on Sunday.. Rest in Peace..


Shimatta! I used the computer the whole day yesterday to finish watching Clannad T.T
Well, it wasn't really nice, was boring at some part :O..
Tonight will be going out to celebrate Jiejie's birthday, early celebration.
I've yet to get her present, still thinking :X
Okay, so I've got to do Geog. wb, revise for hcl/wordpower test and practice my clarinet!

40bucks D:

Sigh.. Just withdrawn 40bucks, to pay for the photocopied band scores: "Die Fledermaus".
The conductor score cost $3.40 and the instrument scores cost a $33.3(After10%discount)
I hope i will be able to save back my 40bucks! I don't wanna spend it away T.T
And I wonder if i have photocopied too much? It's a huge stack!
Jiejie's present.. Sigh. Money makes the world go round, indeed.
Done my chy ws yesterday, left with geog wb, and gotta study for tests only :D
Tomorrow's Good Friday! Still have to go ahgong house cause aunt couldn't make it on Saturday.