Using jiejie's itouch to blog, hehheh. Had 2.4 today, boys ran first, followed by the girls, while waiting for the boys to run, I was super nervous :X Finally it was our turn to run, I ran for whole 4 rounds before I stopped, happy happy :D hehheh. However, i wasn't quite happy with my timing; 15:04.. ): Brought home most of the books home today also b'cos they said we have to clear it :O. It was damn heavy lah.. Tomorrow have to reach ahgong house at around 12noon, will be going from ahgong's house to my cousin's house for her baby's one month!!! however, only jiejie's and I will be going cause papa mama got work then korkor have cca, lol. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see her hehe! Okay gonna go sleep le, goodnight people!(: