Easter Carnival.

It's Friday already, and there's Easter Carnival tomorrow!
Somehow, I'm quite anticipating it, haha.
Performing for tomorrow's Thanksgiving/Arts Nite.
Gonna wear my long white shirt with tie, school skirt and boots straight tomorrow.
I hope we will have time to watch Jason's performance :D
Meeting Bao Tuna Lina and maybe Jaslin 12noon at the busstop outside cheers.
Yeah yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow!
Today had PE, totally didn't want to run, i had a stomache D:
It must have been the Swensen's ice cream cake i ate at 11+pm yesterday.
Yeah, so i only ran consistently for 3rounds until i ran, jog, ran, jog.
Was with Jaslin for the entire run as she was not feeling well, haha.
We ran.. And, the timing was 16.19mins siah! I wonder how i got 14+ lastlast week, haha.
I hope i can get back to 14+mins for my run :D
Had Phy spa test today.. I wasn't quite sure what to do at all.
I tabulated, found out i left out sin i e r g, so i added two rows to each side of the table.
It looks weird. Wonder if I will get penalised for it? :O
Next, after I've worked out all the tabulations and was ready to plot the graph,
I realised. My answers were all weird and had negatives.
I checked my calculator and saw that it was on the 'RAD' instead of 'DEG'.
Hence, the absurd results. Borrowed correction tape from Jaslin.
Furiously changing all answers as there was only 10mins left.
I chionged the graph. I bet that's the shortest time I took to plot a graph, hehheh :D
Found my gradient. Yet, it turned out to be 2.52units. Obviously wrong :O
I checked, don't know where I've gone wrong since i took the 2 points from the BFL.
Sigh.. Didn't complete Calculations and conclusion at all.
I hope i pass :D Urgh. My muscles are all aching now.
It was hot yesterday night, i was restless and sleepless.
Due to the lack of exercise, my left leg had start aching, so i did some stretching.
I felt like wanting to stretch more, so.. I pushed myself to stretch, haha.
Also played badminton after running today, and had intense band practice.
Had to play real loud, cause Priscilla and Lina wasn't there for practice(Prize winners).
There was only Esther and me.. And being a sec3, I had to bloooooooow out. D:
It was tiring. But I'm glad I was able to play most of it except for the offbeat.
I can't keep my mind focus and stuff, it was torturous to play it..
I don't dare to play out when the whole band is really quiet and there seems to be only a few people playing the part. It's like a solo. Anyone can pinpoint any mistakes that you make :O
Well, we have to learn through experiences, don't we?