Late Day

Somehow anticipating it to come, hahaha! :D
But I'm not running though. I'm too slow and yeah. Some reasons, haha.
But i will be doing duty! Position judges duty!! HAHAHA.
Going to Seragoon Stadium tomorrow with Phyllis and Jaslin.
Have to reach Paya Lebar MRT outside's bus stop by 6.20am.
I've got to leave house at 6am, wake up at 5.30am to prepare,
and, 15mins earlier to eat my HoneyStars! HAHAHA.
Cereal cereal! :D Today was late day and I woke up earlier to eat it too.
Hehheh. Tomorrow after Sports Day, Phyllis have tuition at 3, Jaslin going to do the class tee.
Well, I think I will be going to play bball at 108 w/ Shannen and YuYue,
but I think I won't run much or play too much :B
Stayed back today to slack around and gave moral support to those doing Mitchell's banner.
Haha, i did help to clean up at the end okay. :D
I hope tomorrow will be a fun and exciting day! :D:D:D:D:D

Great, now I'm so high due to the milo i just drank!