Lavina Wah

Lavina Wah 华芮玲
Born on 24 March 2010/ 48cm/ 2.86kg
Child of Fran & Janet

Hello people!
Yeap, I've visited my cousin's house and seen her baby!!
SHE'S SUPER CUTEEEEEEE!! Her hair and skull is so soft, so nice to touch! xD
Yes she's 1month old only! Today is her 1st month!
HEHEHEHE. It's worthwhile bathing at 10+am and getting ready to go ahgong jia.
Went to Janet cousin's house at 1.30pm in ahgong's cab and got to see her.
Haha! Saw her and then we ate the buffet they catered. The creampuff was delicious! (:
Afterwhich both aunts came. Then all chatted for awhile, and daddy came to fetch us.
Wheeeeeeeee, Lavina wah is so cute! :D Before we left, we went in again to take pictures,
she was sleeping but we woke her up, Janet comforted her and she nearly cried. HAHAHA :D