Nric making

Hi people.
I woke really late today.
Slept at 10+ yesterday night, and i had forgotten to set alarms.
Hence, I only woke up today when Gigi had call me at 6.51am.
Eager to keep the noise down, i picked up the phone and cut it immediately :O
Sorry gigi. Looking at the time, i was supershocked.
Haha. Changed clothes, brushed teeth, tied hair, refilled water, packed bag and went off.
I wasn't late, it was about the timing when i went to school last year, haha.
Reached school just in time for duty, hehheh.
Yeah. Made NRIC today. It makes me feel so old.
Think about it, soon, we would have to be out there working, slogging our lives.
What a bore. I wish I could go exploring and traveling around the world, haha.
Made the NE board on International Friendship Day today,
was super boring and.. Wasn't quite happy with certain things.
We had only 2 pens that could be seen on the dull board :O
So yeah.. Wasn't nice. Well, at least we made an effort..