Hi people.
Today was PFT for upper sec, but I had mine yesterday :O!
It was for PECaptains. It totally sucked D:
Didn't had much fun nor had much enthusiasm about it at all.
Didn't do well for all stations but atleast I didn't get a D :D
After which had to rushed to have a meeting, haha weird.
Muscle aches now, and I'm really tired too.
Was chionging through my zuo ye(yet to finish), chinese compo and studying for Bio.
Yeah, had bio test on nutrients and em test on chapt 3 and 5 today!
I'm totally screwed for bio test, i did study, but my brain just doesn't remember it! :O
Well, for Em test, it is within expectation that I will fail or borderline-ly pass.
Didn't had duty to do for PFT, but I had to take em retest :O
So I helped out at the sit and reach station with Marilyn, haha.
Was very bored. Teacher I/C even just left when there's no group crowding around.
Afterwhich took em retest, didn't know how to do question 6.. Boos.
Wanted to join the China CIP trip, but couldn't find any form or Mr Chin.
Gonna find him tomorrow and ask if we can join, HAHAHA.
I wanna go! I think it might be the only chance for us to visit during our 4years here lah.
Let's hope and pray there are still vacancies and we will get to go! C:
Okay, I've gotta off the comp now and do my homework, byebye! :D

*I've got a swollen blueblack on my right leg! Why? Cause this morning while I was in the canteen rushing to do duty, i banged right into a bench, and now it hurts like shit. @!@#@%#$*