Sports Day/ Movie!

Idiots. Inconsiderate neighbour.
I am really tired now, I want to sleep!
However, whenever I'm right about to fall asleep on the sofa,
I can hear my neighbour as he and his friend keeps on talking non-stop.
I've even closed the door already lah. Please lah, be more considerate can a not.
Don't come chit chat along the corridor so loudly lah.
It's not your a place you own or what okay.
Just freaking shut up or go into your house to talk lah, what's your problem.
I'm turning on the music quite loud now, I hope they can hear it and tone down.
Damn it, I'm not gonna tell them cause I respect them for being more elderly.
But just spare a thought for others can a not. Practice social etiquette man.
Make me can't sleep now, daaaaaaaaaaamn. Urgh!

Sports day today, went to Serangoon Stadium by bus 70 w/ Jaslin and Phyllis.
It started drizzling and the lightning alert was on, lasted till 9am till we finally begun the races.
Was doing position duty at the finishing line the whole day.
My job was to see which lane does the 7th position runner belongs to.
It was quite confusing, jumbled all the positions several times with Joy.
Had to keep watching the video to determine the positions of each runner..
It was tiring.. We had to do duty for all races except for the novelty races.
Was really boring.. Didn't have much fun at all.
After run, had to take house photo, damn it, what's the point of taking it sioh action..
Some people really don't deserve the places they are in, making bad influence on others.
Bus-ed 70 back to payalebar mrt, had lunch at Singpost foodcourt, ate banmian.
Shannen and Yuyue went home first, Phyllis and I slacked a bit and waited for them.
Sent Phyllis off to her bus stop for her tuition and met with Shannen and YuYue.
We went to Plaza Singapura and bought tickets to 'How to train your dragon'.
Didn't catch the 3d one as it will only be aired at 7.30pm..
Slacked around at ComicConnections until 4.10 and went into the theatre.
The starting was a bit boring, but it became really interesting and nice at the end!
Hiccup and toothless are so cute together! Was really heartwarming when toothless charged into the flame, grabbed hiccup and wrap him with his wings to protect him (:
Haha, great show man! :D My leg and butt were numb after the movie.
Yeah, then we walked around and then came home. :O
I haven't bath. Wanted to sleep. I can't. Now I'm pissed.
Screw miobox, stop 'Problem loading page- Server not found'.