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Class Outing

Ahhhhhhh I'm really tired. Feel like so many things happened today.
Had class outing today to Kallang Leisure Park, before that was at school for solar car stuff.
However, neither Mr Sen nor Mr Said was in school!
So we waited.. And waited.. Was told several times we weren't supposed to be in school.
Then finally at 9.15am, we went out, went library but it was closed.
So we went to the mrt station to board the circle line, sat till dhoby ghaut and back haha.
Reached Stadium mrt, a lot of people were late sigh.
Was like a shepherd trying to get the mehmehs inside, haha.
Got the room 11, it was such a big room! Then, we had 25people altogether (:
Sang, took pictures(a lot), ate chicken teriyaki set lunch, drank milodinosaur.
The bill came, $353, each person 14bucks, haha.
Afterwhich, some went off, some ate, the rest went arcade and then bowling.
Wanted to go play basketball @ Kallang cc but it was drizzling, sigh..
Wasted opportunity, it would be so cool if 10+ people go together to go play…


Sigh, I was supposed to be quite happy, but someone just happily dampened my mood.
Well, went to ahgong's house today, after having dinner, we went to play basketball.
Had a great sense of achievement after playing, it was fun! :D
Hehheh. My hand still hurts a little, but it's not as pain anymore (:
Shown papa my result slip, he wasn't a least bit happy..
And I thought I did quite okay for this except Amath..
Well, I'm so smelly now. Waiting for my turn to bath after jiejie.

Yeah, and it's now the start of June holidays!
HAHAHAHA. I'm already in the holiday mood, oh yeah.

Meet-the-parents Session

Damned, I'm tired today from all those ushering, haha.
Today had to reach at 7am to do duty, was told to do ushering at maingate.
My mom came, got my results slip, I think quite okay except for English and Amath.
Mom left, and I continued with my assigned duty.
Had to greet parents, tell them the place they need to go get queue numbers.
For those parents who didn't know their way, we had to bring them there, hahaha.
It's quite fun actually, but tiring O: We worked till 1pm, total of 5hours.
Well, did have a break for 1 hour but there were still parents coming in..
Afterthat had lunch @ McDonalds with Shannen Jaslin Phyllis, Mc chicken meal.
Went back to school to find MsTan, and she, well, asked us to like redo.
I'm going mad. I'm losing hope on completing it lah. >:C

HAAHHAHA. I've locked my blog with a simple password lock :D
It' easy to bypass though, haha. It's something i love! :D
Okay, I mean, if you can see this means you know that & you've hacked …

Last Day of School!

Hello, I'm so tired, sigh. My right arm hurts ):
Had interhouse games today, obviously lost, hahah.
But it was quite fun :D though i hurt my hand O:
Finally decided on the class outing and stuff, yay.
Was staying back after school today to complete the solar car, but it still doesn't work..
We have to hand in tomorrow sioh, how how.
Went for band only after we finished the solar car, it was like 5.30pm.
I found out that ZhiJie was absent, and Sungho was still doing the solar car.
Making no 1st clarinet and no 1st trumpet. Hahahaa.
Played Centuria, 1st clarinet, I'm quite satisfied i can play abit though :B
But I still don't get some parts, gotta practice abit ahahah.
Yeah and SL's clarinet is still stuck.. I'm sorry D:
I hope and pray it will be able to be separated next practice..
Ah but, out of the 6 band practices, i will only be going for 2, aha whoops.
On 1st and 2nd, I have the 'Gene Amplification' workshop till 12noon.
On 22nd-24th, I have the Student Council T…

Class Tee

Hello, gotta hand up the solar car tomorrow, great.
Stayed back during this 2 days, up till now, we've completed the wheels, base, body and cover.
Still have got plate number and motor(didn't have much sun today) to finalize tomorrow.
I really hope the motor works and will be able to run the wheels with the gears O:
Hahaha. Interhouse games tomorrow, I've "joined" basketball girls. O:
I think there is no other team playing it, it means we will win automatically yay!
HAHAHAHHA. Okay. Then, we've gotten our class teeshirt today!
YAY YAY~ It's very pink though. Hahaha. Gotten a free tee also. Size 40! :D
Sigh, still have got a compo to finish up, what a rush!


Ughhhhhhhhhh, I'm feeling so uneasy now!
It feels like I've done a lot of wrong things at band today D:
First, the pest controllers came and we needed the QM key to open up the cabinets.
However, it was with elfa. She didn't pick up her phone, so i went round searching for her.
Called her umpteen times and yet no response, however when matong called, she picked up >:C
And she said she passed it to Janson. I was like, so mad cause it made me ran round for nothing.
Sigh. Then next, during sectionals with 2 sec1s, i wasn't much of a help.
Had to find the conductor's score for Foundation Of Performances too during full band.
I searched around and couldn't find it, i only found a lot of spiders D':
As the band couldn't start w/o it, the whole band was like, staring at my every movements O:
Finally with the help of Mr.Samuel then did I found the score. T-T
We also had to fall in the sec1s and dismiss them.
I couldn't help but to talk to the sec 1s and to laugh and…

Girls' home?

Hey, gotten back my Hcl results today!!
Oral: 29/40, LC: 16/20, P1: 54/90(Very disappointed with 实用文 D:!!), P2: 73/110.
Overall I've gotten 66.2%, a B3. I don't quite feel anything.
Haha, borrowed 2 books from school library too.
Actually I found a lot of books to read. Well, mostly by JodiPicoult and ToreyHayden.
I hope I will finish reading my books within this holiday :D HAHAHAHA!
Had a long day today.. After recess had Amaths, Hcl, Bio- 2 periods each.
Afterwhich had lunch and then 1 period of Hcl till 3:55pm.
It was tiring. However, it wasn't so bad as Lilaoshi released us early (:
After all lessons, went to bandroom for stock taking.
2 clarinets not condemned are missing! Any clarinetists brought home their clarinets?
Please bring it tomorrow, by all cost! Don't get me into girls' home. NOOOOOOOO T.T
No, wait. I mean, all of us clarinetists will have to go there together then, HAHAHAHA.
Hehheh. Still have not done the solarcar design, but we've decided on the animal, …


Well, I'm so hungry and tired! HAHAHA. For no reason, I'm being so high now.
Have been humming songs and stuff on the way home just now, so many people were looking :O
HAHAHA. Anyway, I changed to 1st clarinet since last practice.
I still can't read the high notes that first, i just, well, sort of adapted myself to lowlow notes.
Sigh, I've got to work extra hard to get my fingering and rhythm right!
I suck at sight-reading. My fingers can't move that fast.
My eyes can see and follow the notes as it goes, but!
just when i was figuring out the note, the part was already over! D:
And yeah, we've gotten back our MYE results, except for HCL now.
I FAILED AMATHS!!!!! First time failing in exam leeeeeeeeeeh!
And guess what, I JUST FAILED BY 1 MARK!!! One pathetic 1mark! D':
I've gotten 39/80 for it. I wonder if papa's gonna kill me ._.
But I am very happy with my sciences' results! HAHAHAHA. Okay sorry ):
Sigh.. Had almost band everyday. Monday(Marking day): Band

They Kiss Again (:

HiHi, I'm watching They Kiss Again!
Yes, finally, HAHAHAHA. Last time stopped chasing after it when it was just airing.
Now I'm back to watching it since exams are over, yay!
Still at Episode 3 though (: Just now papa suddenly woke up and he is using the comp now.
So weird. Is he waiting for me to sleep? :O
Hm.. Today had HCL oral, the passage was okay, conversation was on YOG.
Haha, thought it wouldn't come out and it did :O
Huang da ma says both are okay, but.. I don't believe ._.
Anyway, tomorrow going to ahgong house, finally. It's been long since we went due to MYE.
Maybe I'm gonna find download link for ipman2 tomorrow, mama wants to watch it haha.
Okay, I'm waiting for the video to load, so.. Byebye :D!

End of MYE (:

Oh hi blog, I have just remembered about your existence. HAHAHA.
Okay, haven't been blogging lately due to MYE..
And finally, it's all over!!! Finished my last Phy paper today,
left with oral tomorrow to deal with and no more assessments le. (:
And yes! I have gotten a new phone, Sony Ericsson Aino, u10i, hahaha.
I did go online with it, but i couldn't blog with it, so yeah..
Didn't blog at all, haha. Some things happened recently, sigh.. ._.
Yeah and I've finished watching Clannad After Story in two days!
*Sense of achievement* AHAHAHAHA! It made me cried a lot though :X
I was super sad when Nagisa died.. And what's more, Ushio next?!
But at last, it was happy ending! :D It was kinda weird how they end it though, haha.
It's really super nice!! Touching, funny anime :D Go and watch it!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Until next time! :D